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  1. The oilers need help on D, he's got one more year with a reasonable 2.250 cap hit.. Tallinder for Smyth and a pick/prospect?
  2. I've been watching highlights of the games, this team has become pretty interesting to watch... nice play here: http://youtu.be/VFKVo9bLawY?t=1m3s
  3. http://flic.kr/p/d9STX9 http://flic.kr/p/d9STmB
  4. I was cleaning out my closet and found my old scrapbook with newspaper clippings and tickets of games i went to, and wanted to share some of these:
  5. Shane Doan! He is an older, grittier zach parise, slightly less scoring touch, but definately the hard-nosed skater that can play in any situation. 2 years at $8mil i think could get him in. - Trade Greene, get a prospect and a pick for him. - other FA of interest: Dominic Moore Peter Mueller Rod Pelley.. jk
  6. thanks for the recommendations guys, i will call up village pourhouse and landsdowne to see what they plan on doing, last resort would be hoping on the path to hoboken.
  7. Does anyone know of any bars/restaurants/etc. that would be playing the devils game in manhattan on thursday?
  8. 10. Brodeur will start 15/20 of the remaining games 9. Clarkson will hit the 30 goal mark 8. the Devils will have three 30 goal scorers (Kovy,Clarkson,Parise) 7. Parise will lead the devils in goals with 35 6. The devils will finish 6th in the east and face the Capitals in the first round 5. Zajac will center parise and kovalchuk by game 1 of the playoffs 4. Tallinder will not be back during the regular season 3. Hedberg will finish the regular season with more shutouts than Marty 2. The devils beat the bruins thursday 1. CAM JANSSEN WILL SCORE A GOAL!
  9. okay maybe not genius.. but i think it would be a great deal
  10. Set aside the devil's financial problems cause we don't really know what's going on and what their budget plans are.. but this would be awesome: Devils send: Mattias Tendenby, Nick Palmieri, Jeff Frazee, Harry Young, 2nd round pick, 4th round pick to LA Kings for: Jack Johnson, Jon Bernier, and Jared Stoll LA gets potential offensive boost which they badly need, an AHL goalie who could be a decent backup considering Quick plays 70+ games, and a prospect and pick Devils get a top 4 all around solid dman, a goalie for the future, and a 3rd line rental center
  11. sort of off topic, but my men's league team is the blue devils we have redone our jerseys, any opinions? it's the tampa jersey
  12. kovy is one of my top 3 favorite players.. but i wouldn't mind swapping him straight up for ryan.. he would make such a great fit on the team especially since he can move from center to a wing
  13. NYCdevil

    Find the mistake

    Happy friday! find the error during this interview and win.. nothing! http://bit.ly/vFBifa
  14. NYCdevil


    the devils have always been an organization playing in the "now".. when a player is an upcoming free agent and they know they most likely won't be back, i.e gomez, they don't try to get something out of it by trading him instead of just letting him walk, they go for their goal to win the cup that season. I don't see why it would change as choosing a captain, they need a captain for this season. What if parise is captain, signs for 10 years, but doesn't like to be captain and loses it next year anyway.. what difference does it make.. the C will go to whoever lou and deboer choose, end of story.
  15. you should add "favorite scoring line" "favoring checking line" something like that
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