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  1. Beezer34

    2018 JETS

    This was very sad to read. Tony Sparano died yesterday suddenly of a massive heart attack. I always respected Sparano as a motivator, and feared him whenever the Jets were playing the fish. When the Jets hired Tony to work under Rex I was so excited. Especially after that first game against the Bills. The Jets scored 50 points utilizing both Tebow & Sanchez seemingly reinventing the wheel, and Sparano (at least for 1 week before it all went to sh!t) looked like an utter genius. --- RIP Tony. I really feel bad for his family. Sad day.. gone way too soon.
  2. Beezer34

    2018 JETS

    Revis officially retired today at the age of 33. An unquestionable HOF career.. my fondest memories of him will be from 2007-2012, when he was the greatest CB in the game since Sanders. Since 2013 however, that’s forgettable. He played for 4 teams the final 5 years of his career.. and looked awful the last three. Notwithstanding.. he is one of the greatest Jets of all-time.
  3. Beezer34

    2018 JETS

    I like it. Looks like Maccagnan is taking a WR by committee approach. We don’t have a true A+ receiver on the team.. but we do have four B+ guys in Anderson, Pryor, Kearse & Enunwa.. all capable of have 1,000 yrd seasons.
  4. Beezer34

    2018 JETS

    Yeah, I’m not sure why they’re signing WR’s like crazy. Roberts is a depth signing they can use on the PR\KR, but I had assumed there was more than enough depth @ WR. We still don’t really know what we have yet in Tre McBride, Lucky Whitehead, Jalin Marshall, Charone Peake, Brisly Estime, D Stringfellow, Daniel Williams, Devin Smith, JoJo & ArDarius. I understand cuts will be made obviously.. but by my count there’s already 16 WR’s on the team. Presumably you got to figure they’re going to draft a couple more also. Makes me wonder if Robby goes in a trade. The Suh news is tremendous. I still don’t think he signs with the Jets despite how $erious we’re said to be. But we’ll see. He would free up alot for Leo.
  5. Beezer34

    2018 JETS

    Keep an eye on Haley. I think the timing of Morton being shown the door, less than 24 hours after Haley departing Pittsburgh is beyond coincidence. Haley & Bowles also worked together as assistants under Tuna in Dallas from 2004-2007.. and again in 1999 & 2000 with the Jets! (also under Tuna) I thought Morton did a fine job here with the Jets.... but I would absolutely love Todd Haley.
  6. Beezer34

    2018 JETS

    Jets could actually finish 4th overall when the dust settles. SF, Tampa, Denver all win..... Jets lose.... Jets own the 4th pick. http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/73730/how-the-jets-can-make-a-late-leap-in-draft-position
  7. Beezer34

    2018 JETS

    When I see McCown & Fitzpatrick.. I see two veterans that never should've been signed in the first place. Like when John Idzik signed David Garrard & Michael Vick. When I see Petty (a late round QB) I see Tajh Boyd. When I see Hackenberg, a 2nd round QB who slipped out of the 1st FOR A REASON.. I see Geno Smith. When I look at our drafts the last few years.. I see MANY similarities to 2013 & 2014. I see alot of the same sh!t overall when I look at Mike Maccagnan, as I saw in John Idzik. The difference? -Maccagnan will be here for a 4th season (and beyond) and Idzik was shown the door after 2 years. When I look at Todd Bowles.. I see a defensive coordinator, who "just doesn't have enough talent around him" to be successful. The exact same excuse that was echo'd for Rex Ryan. --and THAT is what this administration is! More of the same. There are really only two ways to look at it: You either A) Admit that it was a mistake to pull the trigger on the Rex\Idzik era. Or B). Give the same verdict to these two idiots.. and start over again. I for one would like to start over again.. especially if we are to pick a QB in the draft. I want an OFFENSIVE MIND handling that kid's development. Not a glorified DC. I am DONE with those days.
  8. Beezer34

    2018 JETS

    Be that as it may.. you still want the schmuck we have picking the guy? In two years (2015-2017) the four gems that our moron of a GM acquired are: Fitz\McCown via free agency, and Hack\Petty via draft. The one guy he decided to pass on was Watson. That's Mac's QB acumen in a nutshell. I want him as far away from our pick as possible. Neither him nor Bowles deserves a 4th season imo. Show them both the door.
  9. Beezer34

    2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    MD, what's your take on Cutler for next season? What is he, 6-5 this year? Still only 34 years old. He had a tough start, but you would agree it was going to take him some time to get acclimated with the offense. Thoughts?
  10. Beezer34

    2018 JETS

    Think about this for a second: The Jets have lost 6 of their last 8 games, after starting the season 3-2. For all the platitudes the talking heads were giving Bowles early in the year, suggesting he deserved a contract extension.. just what exactly has happened this season that would inspire the front office to bring this joke back for a 4th season? He's lost 20 of his last 29 games as a Head Coach, with the same discrepancies that plagued him his entire career. The defense (which was supposed to be his M.O.) has dropped from 11th last season, to 21st this season. There still remains disciplinary issues among the players. He continues to get out-coached each and every week. His time management is worse than Herm.. and we're all but guaranteed to finish 5-11 for a second season. -- At this point, bringing back Rex would be the equivalent to the Devils bringing back Lemaire in 2011. Actually, if a couple things break right for the Jets.. we could be looking at a Top 5 draft pick. There are currently only 8 teams with fewer wins than the Jets.. 4 of which with only a game that separates us. It would take a great deal of good fortune (and obviously the Jets to lose out) but it is possible that we could have the 5th. There are 5 QB's projected to go in the 1st from the majority of mocks. Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen. Assuming all of them come out.. it is still very likely the Jets can grab a QB from this draft, and continue their plan from July. From everything I have been hearing, Petty looked absolutely awful on Sunday. I haven't watched a Jets game since Week 4 of last season under protest, so I can't say for sure. What does this say for Hackenberg? --a second round pick, who can't even get on the field against a 4th round guy, who looks absolutely terrible. This entire administration has got to go.
  11. Beezer34

    NFL Week 13

    You know what.... between 2012 & 2013, I saw Rex Ryan coach David Harris, Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Mo Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, Snacks Harrison, Demario Davis, LaRon Landry, Yeremiah Bell, Antonio Cromartie, Darrelle Revis, and Ed Reed. And those 2 teams went 14-16 respectfully. How much did that have to do with Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, Tim Tebow, Matt Simms and Geno Smith being the guys those two seasons.. versus who was playing on defense? If this league has shown you anything, it's that it is STILL a quarterback league. The Jets haven't had a legitamate one since Brett Favre ten years ago. If this team collectively is good enough to be 5-7 currently, with a dogsh!t QB like McCown.. give me Eli Manning, and I will worry about the defense another time. I don't see them leapfrogging the Giants.. but I do see them acquiring Eli. The way the NCAA is progressing this year, the Jets could stay pat when they draft @ 12-14, and take that kid Allen. Eli would probably need a guarantee from a team that he would be "the guy" for at least the 2018 season. The Jets could offer that to him. Get Eli in here.. draft Allen.. have him sit behind Eli and learn.. and go from there. I don't know if it's avoidable at this time bro. I don't buy the whole "waive his trade clause" bullsh!t. Eli has done too much for that organization for them to trade him. I could see them granting his release and calling it a mutual parting of the ways. Give the man enough dignity to pick his next team. -- If that happens.. I honestly can't see him wanting to leave this area
  12. Beezer34

    Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    Sometimes that's all it takes my friend. For me.. the man single-handedly exonerated 94. That alone was enough to earn him a lifetime of loyalty. Add in an additional 8 seasons of service, and you get a luminary.. in what has otherwise been (outside of 2012) some hard times for this franchise. You will be missed Rico.
  13. Beezer34

    NFL Week 13

    A quick way for me to end my boycott, would be for the Jets to pick up the phone and get Eli Manning in here for 2018. You think a guy like that wants to move his wife and 3 children to Florida? Doubtful. -- Pick up the phone Mac. We finally got some nice weapons here in Kearse, Anderson, Enunwa, Kerley and a TE.
  14. Beezer34


    When I venmo'd njdevs, a B. Smith came up. Is this correct?
  15. Beezer34

    NFL Week 10

    agreed. CfP is right when he says the NFL is not the "sole" reason for poor PJ sales. But it is a portion. Vendor\sponsor boycotts are a real thing in the world we live in today. People are savvy. They understand they're more than just patrons. They're consumers. Consumers who get to determine where\who they $pend their hard-earned money on. With social media.. it isn't difficult in 2017 for a group of people to organize boycott(s). And they do have financial impacts in the end. EDIT: I can remember the big hoopla that was made about Starbucks from a year ago, when they decided to make their holiday cups strictly red, and more neutral. People freaked. The #StarbucksBoycott was a real thing that was a frequent twitter trend for most of the holiday season. How much did it impact them? --- Well.. enough for them to usher out cups this year with Turtle Doves, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Trees and Christmas presents a year later.. http://mashable.com/2017/11/01/starbucks-2017-holiday-cups-christmas/#a_Ffe4kSJqq9

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