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  2. Congrats to MadDog2020 and Daniel. The Dolphins have now beaten the Jets 8 of the last 10 times. Never.... EVER...... did I think I’d live to ever see it get this bad for the Jets, as it is this season.
  3. Think about this.. (Outside of Peyton Manning) Gase has had: Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, Jay Cutler, Sam Darnold & Joe Flacco..... and they’ve all been awful under him. You either believe they’re all terrible QB’s, or you believe in the common denominator.
  4. I'm very encouraged with what I've seen thus-far from Darnold. He's 4-6 for the season (should be 5-5.... fvcking Browns) on a team completely void of talent. Am I glad he's got 15 interceptions heading into his 11th start? --absolutely not. But it's teachable to train a kid this young to be more responsible with ball security.
  5. Tannehill is now 13-7 over his last 20 starts. I know there's polarizing viewpoints on him as a QB among Dolphin fans.. but I think he is an above average signal caller, who has the ability to bloom late.
  6. He is unquestionably an above average coach. 6 seasons with the Jets, only 2 that were under .500 (with two dreadful rosters) I believe his teams also all finished Top 10 defensively each of the 6 seasons, but I'm too lazy to look.
  7. Competing at this.. is the man known as "Sanchize" heading to his 6th team since 2013.
  8. In who can be undoubtedly viewed as “The Greatest Journeyman of All-Time” -Brandon Marshall is on route to his 7th team over the last 9 years, signing with the Saints.
  9. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattrybaltowski/2018/10/30/caesars-lands-sports-betting-partnership-with-sixers-devils-in-unique-cross-sport-deal/#408825d81eb8 "Caesars Entertainment has signed partnership agreements with the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils becoming the first casino to secure partnerships with franchises from the NBA and NHL since the Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on sports betting in May. The partnership will introduce Prudential Center patrons to a sports betting experience inside "The Caesars Club", a 5,000 square foot premium restaurant and bar located on the arena's main concourse. Sports bettors will also be able to access a Caesars Casino and sports app, which launched earlier in September ahead of the pro football season. The Caesars' partnership with the Devils comes on the heels of an agreement the Prudential Center and the franchise signed last week with William Hill US."
  10. Yeah, he should definitely see more playing time in addition with Trenton Cannon. I know Crowell, McGuire & Cannon aren't exactly household names, but maybe that's what we need. Stevan Ridley, Matt Forte & CJ Spiller didn't exactly move the needle in 2016. Our backfield is at least hungry.
  11. Should be pretty exciting when all 5 are playing at once and healthy again. It's an interesting alignment that the Jets employed this season, where they don't have a bona’fide #1 WR. Anderson, Kearse, Matthews, Enunwa & Pryor are all capable of having 1,000 yrd seasons.. but none are what I would call a legitimate One on the depth chart. It's as though the mindset is: death by a thousand papercuts from the passing game. Dink & dunk 20-30 chunk yards to whoever can get open.
  12. Jets signed Rishard Matthews. This is a solid acquisition. Matthews commands alot of coverage, and can make some acrobatic catches. He sniffed 1,000 yrd - 9 TD season in 2016, and at 29 years old, you know he’s going to be playing hard auditioning for other teams next season. I like this move.
  13. Well here we are. 6 games in with 10 to play, and we're a .500 team hoping to make it 3 in-a-row this Sunday against a team who's also looking for their 3rd straight. Things I like thus far: #1) Darnold. I think the kid is progressing as well as we all hoped he would back at draft day. I'd like to see the interceptions come down a bit, but overall.. I don't think there's much more you could ask for. This season was all about the kid learning and developing into a franchise quarterback, and allowing him to go through his development with no expectations. If he and the Jets can go 5-5 the rest of the way, I don't see how you can view this season as anything but a success. #2) The Defense. Looks reborn. Making plays, getting turnovers, getting to the quarterback. No Maye, no problem. No Johnson, no problem. No Skrine, no problem. I'm very excited to see people get healthy, and having everyone on the field all at once. #3) The Running Game. A hallmark of what made those first two seasons under Sanchez (24-14 record) so much of a success, was the fact that he was asked to do very little, under the "ground & pound" philosophy Rex employed. The Jets have nearly 800 yrds on the ground this season, giving them one of the best rushing attacks in the league. (only 5 teams have rushed for more) It takes the pressure off of your rookie QB when you have a running game this good. #4) Bates. Bates is a damn good OC. He's still learning Darnold's strengths and weaknesses, but has been able to adjust during games on the fly. He's also patient.. which is uncommon for coordinators in today's game. A perfect example was last Sunday. The running game wasn't working the 1st half.. but he stuck to the run. He didn't give up on the plan, and the Jets ended with 100+ yrds on the ground for the game. My one criticism is I'd like to see the TE's included more in the redzone, but otherwise I've very happy. #5) The White Out. I've said this before for many many years: When the Jets go all-white.. they win. They should make it their permanent combo the way the Cowboys do.
  14. Yesterday the fish literally blew the division.. and that ain't an over-statement. I know the notion of that may sound silly for a game played on September 30th...... but @ 4-0 (with all their wins against AFC teams) two divisional victories, and the Pats\Jets\Bills all 1 win teams, heading into Week 5.... the Dolphins would've had to do very little the rest of the way to lock up the AFC East. If they went .500 the rest of the way, they still would've finished as a 10-6 team.. with tiebreakers. Miami still may end up winning the division. (and at this point I think they're the favorites) But a win yesterday would've locked it up.
  15. This is perfectly said. Unbelievable that he's approaching a 40 game span, with only 11 wins. Tell me there's not a double fvcking standard with this guy? They were calling for Rex's head after Year 4, and Rex actually had 6 playoff games worth of exp. to brag about. This guy has absolutely NOTHING, and next season is YEAR 5 already! He is an in-over-his-head, above average DC, who came here with no prior coaching exp. The exact same model as Rex Ryan before him.. Eric Mangini before him.. Herm Edwards before him.. and Al Groh before him. -- Have you ever in your life?? Have you ever heard of an organization that hires the exact same type of guy, (FOR 20 YEARS) and never deviates?? Would it kill this franchise to hire someone with a resume? -- Or God forbid, an experienced OC as HC to help out the kid a little?
  16. This was very sad to read. Tony Sparano died yesterday suddenly of a massive heart attack. I always respected Sparano as a motivator, and feared him whenever the Jets were playing the fish. When the Jets hired Tony to work under Rex I was so excited. Especially after that first game against the Bills. The Jets scored 50 points utilizing both Tebow & Sanchez seemingly reinventing the wheel, and Sparano (at least for 1 week before it all went to sh!t) looked like an utter genius. --- RIP Tony. I really feel bad for his family. Sad day.. gone way too soon.
  17. Revis officially retired today at the age of 33. An unquestionable HOF career.. my fondest memories of him will be from 2007-2012, when he was the greatest CB in the game since Sanders. Since 2013 however, that’s forgettable. He played for 4 teams the final 5 years of his career.. and looked awful the last three. Notwithstanding.. he is one of the greatest Jets of all-time.
  18. I like it. Looks like Maccagnan is taking a WR by committee approach. We don’t have a true A+ receiver on the team.. but we do have four B+ guys in Anderson, Pryor, Kearse & Enunwa.. all capable of have 1,000 yrd seasons.
  19. Yeah, I’m not sure why they’re signing WR’s like crazy. Roberts is a depth signing they can use on the PR\KR, but I had assumed there was more than enough depth @ WR. We still don’t really know what we have yet in Tre McBride, Lucky Whitehead, Jalin Marshall, Charone Peake, Brisly Estime, D Stringfellow, Daniel Williams, Devin Smith, JoJo & ArDarius. I understand cuts will be made obviously.. but by my count there’s already 16 WR’s on the team. Presumably you got to figure they’re going to draft a couple more also. Makes me wonder if Robby goes in a trade. The Suh news is tremendous. I still don’t think he signs with the Jets despite how $erious we’re said to be. But we’ll see. He would free up alot for Leo.
  20. Keep an eye on Haley. I think the timing of Morton being shown the door, less than 24 hours after Haley departing Pittsburgh is beyond coincidence. Haley & Bowles also worked together as assistants under Tuna in Dallas from 2004-2007.. and again in 1999 & 2000 with the Jets! (also under Tuna) I thought Morton did a fine job here with the Jets.... but I would absolutely love Todd Haley.
  21. Jets could actually finish 4th overall when the dust settles. SF, Tampa, Denver all win..... Jets lose.... Jets own the 4th pick. http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/73730/how-the-jets-can-make-a-late-leap-in-draft-position
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