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  1. That seller was the original equipment manager for the Devils. Whatever he has is at least directly from the team.
  2. http://www.lfpress.com/sports/hockey/2011/08/31/18625271.html @calgarysun: Sources tell QMI that ex-Flame Leaf Wade Belak has been found dead in a downtown Toronto condo What the hell is going on?
  3. I respect your opinion, but I believe that helping us win 3 cups and then taking a paycut to help his brother win one is enough to overshadow the fact that he didn't stay with us.
  4. He was wearing Rbk 11k skates during that camp in July.
  5. He was pretty obviously just not trying at that point
  6. Xunolix

    Mike Commodore 64

    http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Mike-Commodore-64-Red-Wings-give-blessing-pled?urn=nhl-wp8949 Along with our request for a "COMMODORE 64" jersey came a plea: We'd donate $64 to the charity of Mike's choosing if he wore that sweater with the Wings next season. Awesome.
  7. We could just get rid of Colin White and let Larsson keep his number.
  8. Parise was awesome, he was totally happy to be there. He though it was pretty funny when mine and Pat's friend asked him to put "I'M AWESOME" above his signature.
  9. Maybe it was called off because Marty's mask came off?
  10. I did the PA announcing for one back in October. Everyone had a smile on their face, one of the coolest experiences ever. They played the champions of the league I play in, who won the championship game something like 12-3, and had them at 8-0 in the first period.
  11. Isles feed is in HD and ours isn't
  12. Is there any chance Stevens will be there tomorrow?
  13. Xunolix

    Yet another contest

    Has anyone heard anything?
  14. Just got an email saying I didn't win, but that I could buy $59 seats for $10
  15. Well, it was basically to his face. His car windows were up, but he definitely heard it.
  16. The worst thing someone said last night was yelling at Mac "I HOPE YOU GET FIRED TOMORROW!"
  17. Maybe they mean they give you a shirt every game so when you spill your $17 beer on it you don't even have to go through the trouble of putting it in the wash!
  18. Can you imagine the reception we're gonna give him if Kovy re-signs and we win the Cup?
  19. http://twitter.com/insidepghsports is saying the same thing.
  20. Is it bad that I want to see this?
  21. I have no idea how reliable this is (probably not very) but http://twitter.com/NHLSOURCESSAY is reporting that the NHLPA has won
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