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  1. wow i still got chills. wat an amazing night. ha i think hes gunna be up all night cuz hes so excited. congrats marty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see u hit 600
  2. CONGRATS MARTY!!!!!!!!!!!! wat a great night cnt wait till tuesday
  3. lol i turned on msg to watch the rangers pregame and they were talking bout lou and i was like k why they talking bout him. then i hear them say looks like shanahans gunna end where he started and i was like WAT. i txted my bro and he called me and was so confused lol. i NEVER saw this coming. wanted it to but didnt see it.
  4. njdevilsluva

    Fire Sutter

    well it was 3 in a way and 4. i dont get which is right to say cuz the team together scored three, but in the so zach got one, so its techically 4...
  5. damn wat a hell of an nhl debute. this kids gunna have a pretty good career.
  6. njdevilsluva

    Fire Sutter

    nah cuz were gunna see to it that in 40 years there will be marty brodeur winning the stanley cup when hes 80.lol
  7. exactly. now if u won a game by shots on goals wed be amazing.lol but yeah our offense is getting better.
  8. i no really everyone was like omg rolston and holik were signed. and now theyre both out.
  9. lol 3 of us got the pinky thing up in like 2 minutes. that sux big time though
  10. njdevilsluva

    Fire Sutter

    hold on one sec. (1, 2, 3, 4,...) yeah i was right. 4 comes after 2 and we just scored 4 goals in a game. so yes lets fire the coach who got us 8 out of 10 points so far.
  11. WOO HOO DEVILS KICK A*S but marty is beast. the devils win and the rangers lose. wat a great day.
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