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  1. Comandante

    Hey Marty

    hey! I'm not usually writing in this forum but when I see all you people complaining about Marty I get a little bit annoyed. Just cause we're losing some games in a row we shouldn't talk sh!t about our own goalie. All you guys who now thinks he puts himself ahead of the team remember that Marty has saved our asses SO MANY times. Still I think this record-thing is starting to get annoying too. BUT to you guys who seems to turn all your anger against our number 30 and his helmet I can only say that it's pathetic. Why didn't you complain when we were winning?
  2. Hey I was amazed by this draft. I've always been cheering for Hv71 and i've seen Tedenby do alot of crazy stuffs on ice. Let him grow up and let's hope his great start in Hv71 will result in a NHL career better than any swede before him! GO SWEDEN ;P haha I got to add a little thing. It was Mattias 18 years birthday when he scored that sick goal in the second youtube-link! Kind of impressive way to salute himself
  3. okey I got your point. And surely Sean Penn added a more romantic perspective to the movie. But I have great respect for sean penn and this movie anyway. Even if it's not like how it was in the reality my heart broke in the end. Because of the sympathy you get for the guy. And I kind of liked the thing you call hippie-love blabla stuff. It's too little of that thing in movies today. Even if this movie wasn't the very best I've got great respect for people making films not just about american footballteams and "girlproblems". It's too much of that junk.
  4. Well.. I thought the actor did a really god job. I hadn't heard of this story before I saw the movie so I didn't have any expectations. That's maybe why I loved this movie. I was kind of surprised, even if it's a hollywood movie, it's a good one. And I doesn't understand you when you say that sean penn does it in a sean penn-way and that he didn't know the man. What I've read sean penn had alot of talks with the parents and the sister of chris. And ofcourse, the film ends up in a Sean Penn way, what other way is there? If you made a film it would surely be in "your" way. Well, I think the movie was great and everyone who haven't seen it. SEE IT!
  5. So have you seen it yet? What do you think? I saw the movie yesterday and I can only say that Sean Penn has great, i mean great talent for film making. The soundtrack combined with the beautiful pictures makes it great. In my opinion it's really good and deep movie that gives you alot of thoughts afterwards, (As usual when Sean Penn is involved) and it really touched me.
  6. Well.. This team seems to have problem scoring. But we could have had at least one point if it wasn't because of that motherfvcking referee.
  7. Yeah. That hit he put up right before mottau's penalty was nice!
  8. Well.. I hate advertising.. All those companys that tries (and in many ways succeed) to control our heads.. BUY BUY BUY BUY! Broght tooo youuu byyy... Gosh.. I'm tired of some swedish channels because of the way they cut up a program or a good movie with some coca-cola bullsh!t! It makes me feel sick! But hey, I can't understand how you over there could stand all the commercial-breaks that you've got! For an example, I like to watch conan O'brien every now and then and well... You've got alot, and I mean alot of commercial breaks.. Too sad! (credits to ya all who stands it)
  9. You could put it like this. The reason why the ant makes it through the winter is because he cooperates with milliones of other ants while they share the house and food together. The grasshopper though.. he just think about himself and don't care about others wich don't work out in the long run!
  10. Well i'm watching the game on sopcast and i have to say that it looks kind of good 4 defensmen HAVE scored! Unbelievable.. Haha but well... If the forwards don't the d-mens got to do it!
  11. I'll watch the game on tv tonight! And it would be great if we could put up a win! This team needs it..
  12. Some of you guys (who wants to swap our hole team just for a big star) doesn't act like real fans! I admit that we need one really good defensman but at what cost? Well I don't want to give away players like Parise, White who ARE the devils. Isn't their hard work for the team worth anything?! One of the thing that's been a big reason why i love the devils so much as a organisation is that we don't send people here there to get new ones. We've got a couple of players that the team have been built on throughout the years. And the fact that we rather give youths time to devolopment into big stars, with a heart for the devils, instead of just swapping players like some other clubs "just" thinking about stars and money.. (the rangers for example) is huge! And I think we should keep it that way, Let's see this year as a build-up year where we don't need that much higher expectations than the quarterfinals or maybe semifinals! BUT if we could get a good deal, which I doubt, I'd love to see Dion in devils. I really love the way he plays! Reminds me about Stevens.. But i'm just saying that we should really think of what players, and how many we are prepared to let go off!
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