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  1. you guys on this board are so wrapped up in stats, that you miss some very obvious points
  2. I like the description for Brendan Lemieux, and he's ranked at 33, could be a Devil ? "Brendan intitates and makes life most uncomfortable for those opponents who get in the way of where he wants to go. Powerful player who is productive at critical times and just won't allow himself to be denied"
  3. Terry Sawchuk theres a bunch of them, Roy didnt have great numbers when Montreal called him up, Ed Belfour too
  4. them ribs is making me hungry !! hopefully this new vendor is a step or two above the last couple of food vendors they used at the Rock, I mean it still is a "for profit" business and the food business is tough.
  5. yeah you're right, they just blew things out of proportion because it was him (friggen NY media !!)
  6. didnt Marty have an under 900 save % in the AHL? some goalies make the jump to the NHL and run with it regardless of their performance down in the minors I personally would rather have a veteran as a backup but we'll see
  7. Me and some friends just got the basic crap, chicken fingers and fries and some pizza and a bucket of fried chicken. They seemed to be the exact same at both places. ( 2009 for both places)
  8. Last time I went to the Rock, the food tasted like the crap at Yankee stadium, but this new company is the same company that supplies them? is this just putting lipstick on a pig???
  9. who knows, maybe Volch is homesick and will retire !
  10. Good news ...or ..bad news.....or meh news ????????
  11. I saw on the news last week Mark Messier was at the NY Stock Exchange ....apparently he was awarded the Best Hockey Executive of the Year award? I dont know what he did to earn it but ...
  12. yeah I love Dano but I'm not sure he can be a color commentator, sort of how Scott Stevens was one of my favorite players...but not sure about his coaching abilities this season might be a little hard to watch and listen to
  13. yeah who knows if Mario would own the Devils today !
  14. it's losing (or lost) it's luster for sure
  15. The league really wanted N.Y. vs the Rangers but realized they would be playing with themselves
  16. yeah the last thing I would do is read your arch rivals forum after you lost a big game or series
  17. this is great....man somebody went through a lot of trouble to "DIS" the raggots !!!!!!!!!!!
  18. he's 6 ft tall and weighs 176 pounds...he needs to put on some muscle
  19. I dont think Cam can fight anymore, the last few fights he had, he would just be holding the jersey and trying to swing wide punches until both players tired out but if he spends 98% of the season in Albany, it's fine
  20. yeah maybe, look Spezza aint getting any younger, I'm sure he wants to go to a team with an above average shot to go deep in the playoffs
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