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  1. You can't compare Brodeur having a sub .900 SV% in the AHL in the early 90's to a goalie prospect today (like Wedgewood for example) that puts up a sub .900 SV% in the AHL. When Brodeur was in the AHL, the league average SV% was a lot lower than it was today. The average AHL SV% was probably around .882-.883. This past season the average SV% in the AHL was about .913. Brodeur probably broke even in Goals Saved Above Average in his AHL season with that SV% while Wedgewood (for example) cost his team an extra 8-9 goals compared to the average AHL G.


    The sport has changed so much from the high scoring times of the 80's and early 90's to the dead puck era to the post 2005 lockout era. Check out the effects on the average NHL SV% in this graph from QuantHockey.

    you guys on this board are so wrapped up in stats, that you miss some very obvious points

  2. Bob McKenzie's full Top 60 right here: http://www.tsn.ca/draftcentre/feature/?id=95289


    Interesting to me some of the players he has ranked lower (Goldobin at 37, Kamenev at 43, Point at 58), gives me hope that we may get even two guys that I actually really like.

    I like the description for Brendan Lemieux, and he's ranked at 33, could be a Devil ?


    "Brendan intitates and makes life most uncomfortable for those opponents who get in the way of where he wants to go. Powerful player who is productive at critical times and just won't allow himself to be denied"

  3. Name me one other goalie that did this.  Yeah, a goalie's best NHL years will trump his best AHL years, almost always.  But there aren't many guys who manage this - most are really good in the AHL or in European pro leagues and become good in the NHL.

    Terry Sawchuk

    theres a bunch of them, Roy didnt have great numbers when Montreal called him up, Ed Belfour too

  4. Absolutely.. One thing I hate about MetLife Stadium is that everything is "New York this, New York that" so visitors to the stadium barely know they're not even in New York.. This is all about representing New Jersey from the farms to the shore and it sounds like they've put a lot of thought into it (and are putting some money in as well)



    Okay I know in 2009 we had a different vendor who wasn't anything special at all really.. Can't say I know what Yankee Stadium had back then.. They are a partial owner of this Legends company but the company started in 2008 so it's possible they didn't have it up and running back then like they do now.. FWIW here are the ribs they're serving this year at Yankee Stadium: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BjsKf65CQAA-Ugm.jpg

    them ribs is making me hungry !!

    hopefully this new vendor is a step or two above the last couple of food vendors they used at the Rock, I mean it still is a "for profit" business and the food business is tough.

  5. If you were at the Rock within the last year and half or so, Aramark was the vendor, so the food should have been quite different from Yankee Stadium.. Aramark is known universally for being really crappy and not caring about the customer.. Legends seem more apt to providing a great experience for fans and giving a damn, so we will see.. I find it interesting that you hated the food at Yankee Stadium as it looks pretty good in pictures lol.. What did you have that you disliked?

    Me and some friends just got the basic crap, chicken fingers and fries and some pizza and a bucket of fried chicken. They seemed to be the exact same at both places.

    ( 2009 for both places)

  6. Don't forget the ceremony where Mark Messier, wearing a Rangers jersey,  takes the 'C' off his sweater and puts it on the very next Rangers captain.

    I saw on the news last week Mark Messier was at the NY Stock Exchange ....apparently he was awarded the Best Hockey Executive of the Year award? I dont know what he did to earn it but ...

  7. ugh now were going to have to listen to dano all game long.. i dont know how i feel about that

    yeah I love Dano but I'm not sure he can be a color commentator, sort of how Scott Stevens was one of my favorite players...but not sure about his coaching abilities

    this season might be a little hard to watch and listen to

  8. im not even sure why you would sign up for a rivals message board or let alone even spend time reading one unless you were specifically looking for something. .. some people have a lot of time i guess

    yeah the last thing I would do is read your arch rivals forum after you lost a big game or series

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