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  1. I can see him doing this stuff, but throwing snow on a little kid is BS
  2. thats a low blow, even Zuccarello helped the kid up.
  3. he seemed a little sad but excited at the time, not sure how management felt about him http://espn.go.com/nhl/story/_/id/10534866/buffalo-sabres-ryan-miller-headed-st-louis-blues-blockbuster-deal
  4. Whats the Queens record when he can close out a series before a 7th game?
  5. It's more than "seems" to think Miller is out of St Louis http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/teams/story/?id=452554&hubname=nhl-blues
  6. I was hoping he'd make a team out West better
  7. Click the quote tab at the bottom right, type your message and then click on the post tab, also at the bottom right
  8. with the way the Devils luck has gone lately it would've been par for the course
  9. the Kings seem to get better as the games get tougher
  10. Frame this post and keep it on everyone's wall.....perfectly said and explained
  11. I live in North Bergen County, I mix with fans from all the local teams and absolutely positively the rag fans are head and shoulders the most arrogant and obnoxious people around
  12. I thought you were kidding, I checked the score at TSN and it still said 2-2 for a while I'm singing too OLE OLE
  13. I think they have a better shot at beating the rags
  14. I dont know, we've been saying stuff like this for a month now and they're still winning games every team has its strengths and weaknesses ...the rags are getting contributions from different players every game, and the queen has stopped everything thrown at him
  15. Hopefully they'll choke in the finals, and next year they'll have some injuries (or bad luck) and start the downward spiral for another 20 years! (I mean they hardly had injuries this year, and their older players are still playing well...something has got to go against them sooner or later)
  16. the only positive I can take from these playoffs is that the Rags didnt knock us out to get there, like in '94...that was the worst
  17. our record the last two seasons, Lou's title and paycheck should motivate him
  18. I watched the rags beat Chicago during the season when the Hawks were "hot".....I'm not so sure they will beat the rags if they get to the finals, maybe L.A. can I hope you're right, but I'm already accepting the worst outcome queen wins con smythe, ticker tape parade etc etc etc
  19. yeah this series is/was over when Boston lost but after the rags beat the failures everyone said they wont beat the pens, and they did, now we're saying they wont beat the West...and .....
  20. 10 down 6 to go we're running out of excuses
  21. oh yeah..wait till they hand the Con Smythe to Queenie.....the only piece of hardware Marty didnt get
  22. I was thinking this too both teams with great regular seasons but playoff choke jobs, each team has some good "high priced" players that might need a change of scenery
  23. Plus the Knicks didnt make the playoffs so yeah...the NYC area is all about the rags right now...in full force
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