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  1. look at the bright side...one team has to lose finally!
  2. with the PartyPoker takeover and the fake Italian sausage it sounds like a real sausage fest !
  3. Time will tell, it might be a great ten (or so) years ahead
  4. I for one dont mind the YS chant either way, and I have no problem with Budweiser or PartyPoker as sponsors the thing that bothered me throughout this whole thing is how the new owners made up the BS family values thing and said we could vote on the new song while it was pretty clear they were doing whatever they wanted. Its like peeing in our faces and telling us its raining and no I dont think they have high morals....they are all about the money. It worries me that they might not give a crap about the team, and we'll see .500 hockey for the next decade. Its almost as if they think....."who
  5. I didnt think drinking in public was legal? I went by this definition Semi-public spaces[edit]A broader meaning of public space or place includes also places where everybody can come if they pay, like a café, train, or movie theater. A shop is an example of what is intermediate between the two meanings: everybody can enter and look around without obligation to buy, but activities unrelated to the purpose of the shop are not unlimitedly permitted.
  6. you're right, and the more they try to hold people down from doing something...the more they'll rebel and do it even more
  7. ehh dont let it bother you, because you dont know who's behind the keyboard, they could be 12 years old, or they could be drunk when they write all this crap......its easy to hide behind a computer or smart phone
  8. a lot of the obnoxious people have also had a few drinks in them (which they bought at the arena) it brings out the animal in some people
  9. the word suck is used on TV every single day, if it offends you well too bad, it offends me when people say Lets Go Rangers, but I'm not gonna cry about it.
  10. nope I dont think so and its a 7:30 start tonight
  11. Looks like the Caps waived Urbom already hmmn Lets go Devs, beat the Flygerls toninght
  12. Good luck finding Devs fans, I go to a bar in North Jersey and cant find any I cant believe there are a lot of Red Wing and Pens fans down there ?? that seems weird, i figured it would be mostly Stars fans?
  13. Clarktard with only 6 shifts? did any you guys watch, was he benched or hurt?
  14. Have to pull this one out.....its Buffalo, c'mon every team around us is winning right now, the rags, Florida, Ottawa, Washington, Detroit, Columbus
  15. I dont mind either song (as the artist recorded them) it's the cheesy mix of SNA that makes it so lame
  16. Having a vocal group in the arena is fine and all, if they wanna boo a bad call, or cheer a great save etc, thats fine, but the constant 3 hours of none stop vuvuzela is annoying banning the zula's will piss off those fans in that section, if they could just use them at certain times that would be a good compromise....I just don't see much compromise with our fans these days
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