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  1. amen. It's really head scratching. I've never heard of a fanbase that when their team is bottom five in the NHL in offense they complain about fourth liners and bottom pairing defensemen. I guess you can put a change to the fourth line in your wish list but to have practically half this thread dedicated to fourth lines/league minimum guys is ridiculous.

    Maybe it's just the offseason doldrums, but this has been going on all season.

    the entire 4th line are UFA

    thats why there's so much discussion

  2. Why do I feel like I'm getting a attitude from everyone who posts toward me? As for the penalty I totally forgot about that and thank you for reminding me that all I was looking for and what's not news the draft order? Cuz ondeck said this wasn't news cuz it's on the NHL page like this is the first thread to feature something that may be on the NHL website? I feel like I'm getting hazed for starting a thread because I don't post too often

    you have to take things said with a grain of salt 

    most people are just busting a little

    some people think they know everything 

    who gives a sh!t what other people say, this is a forum, a place where people post their ideas and opinions, and these people have the luxury of hiding behind their computers via the internet

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  3. look at Scott Stevens,he  didnt want to come here after the compensation saga, then re-signed with St Louis before Lou matched the offer, and now he makes his home in NJ and enjoys the fishing and all that good stuff

    heck Dano didnt even know where New Jersey was when he was drafted

    it just takes a little time and then they like it

    Didnt Grant Marshall also stay here after he retired?

  4. this is probably a good thing though, and maybe thats what he wanted as well.

    Yeah it is a good thing, some people saw it as the new owners taking away power from Lou, but the new owners seem to be experts in efficiency and have management teams for everything that's going on in Newark, the Prudential Center etc. Lou can just concentrate on the team.

  5. A parade is a parade. The turn-out for a parade in downtown Newark will encompass the people who are already downtown during those hours shopping (which is a real thing still, even if those people aren't majority white) as well as the quantity of Devils fans who turn up because it's their team's celebration. As long as it was done during a weekend when people didn't have to take off work to be there, I'd expect the turnout to be decent. 


    People would turn up simply because it was an event going on in town (as long as there was adequate publicity). 20,000 people turned out for the Portugal Day Festival in the Ironbound and 10,000 show up for the Cherry Blossom Festival at Branch Brook Park. These are more localized events that happen annually. Something on the order of the Devils winning the Cup would bring people from over the state to show up. I'd be surprised if you didn't see about 100,000 people.


    Hell, this is a photo of the 20,000 people who turned out for the X-factor auditions in Newark:



    well...maybe you're right about a big turnout, Hopefully we'll see next June 

  6. Lou seems like the type of guy that if he had surgery for a major illness the minute he got out of the hospital he would be back in his office doing business as usual.

    Maybe as he gets older he'll dish-off some duties to whoever he feels can become the "Next One"

  7. Thorne was good at times, maybe later on he wasnt as good

    he's nowhere as knowledgeable as Doc, but he's got the strong voice and enthusiasm

    this was a good call as it happened...just past the 1 minute mark, I still get goosebumps from this


  8. I'm not saying that I would want to trade for him, but I was a little bummed to hear we might be on Spezza's no trade list.  It sounds more like it's a guess from a different agent.  Still, I wonder what the perception of this team is to people who have no affiliation with us.






    no we're not on that list, but I did hear his first choice is St Louis and Ottawa's GM doesnt want him in the East fwiw

    heres a link Daniel posted in another thread



    from TSN:


    Singing The Blues?

    As per Andy Strickland of St. Louis's Big 550 KTRS, the Blues areJason Spezza's top choice as a possible trade destination.  Strickland adds that Spezza believes he's headed to either the Blues or the Anaheim Ducks 

  9. Actual facebook post from a Rangers fan: 

    "LOL the Los Angeles Kings had their parade today to celebrate their Stanley Cup victory this year. They said an estimated 300,000 fans showed up for the celebration. That's it?! Wow. Great fans guys. On top of it, they probably don't even know they won the cup 2 years ago and that they even had Gretzky on their team at one point!"

    this is the reason we have a "Rangers Suck and Marty and the Queen have a drink" thread

    eff them

  10. Here are the top-three things the Devils should do (in order):

    1. Find any team, preferably with a GM who has no background in advanced NHL stats, and trade Bryce Salvador - I don't care if it's for a 7th-round draft pick. Just take it.

    2. Do whatever it takes to sign Paul Stastny or Ryan O'Reilly - whoever winds up ultimately walking out on the Avs. Obviously this is going to be difficult, but it's worth the effort.

    3. Get Cory Schneider locked up long term.

    I'll take a 7th round pick for him....hey you never know what you'll get, Lundqvist was a 7th rounder...yeah lucky grab maybe but what the hell

  11. Lou will impress me if can can pull off some trades, sign a free agent or two, and cut some dead weight this summer, enough to turn this team into a serious playoff team, but I think next season will be only marginally better than last year

    I think we have to wait till 2015/2016 for a much improved team

  12. I'd love the parade in Newark.  Drive to South Orange, take a 10-minute ride to Newark and voila I'm there.  There's enough room in Championship Plaza for the stage and stuff so they wouldn't have to courdon off parking space the way they had to at the Meadowlands

    oh in that respect yeah it would be fine, I was talking about a possible embarrassing show of fans

    I'm sure at the Prudential center there would be a nice gathering.... but not so much on the streets


  13. This is true.  


    Hopefully one or both of them can do something this season.. maybe the Devils can actually acquire a playmaking center for one of them.

    we're set at D and in goal (if Lou gets Cory to sign an extension) ......but our forward situation is gonna be a work in progress for a few years yet

  14. Two of the worst players for the Devils last year, if you ask me.

    RW depth is definitely an issue.



    I agree they suck, but they're on the payroll, we can't make them magically disappear ..and nobodys taking them in a trade

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