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  1. Brendan Lemieux on being drafted:


    he was asked:

    What about the Devils, who own the No. 30 pick in the first round?

    "I'd love to play anywhere my dad played, but New Jersey is special," Brendan said. "He won an MVP [Conn Smythe Trophy] there and two Cups."

  2. Yup and at least for next season our goalie expenses will be in half but expected to go up again in 2015-2016. Our cap situation is manageable especially when you factor that Salvador, Ryder, Brunner, Jagr, Zidlicky all come off the books next offseason with Ruutu, Elias, Zubrus, Volchenkov the following year. Also who knows about Clowe.

    I'm hoping Clowe has an injury free season and shows what an asset he is

    look at players that had concussions lately, like Crosby...it looked like one more hit and he was done a few seasons ago, but last season he was good to go

    theres another player or two that looked like it was over for them and they bounced back...thats what I'm hoping for

  3. I'm not giving them the credit of it "being a very close series", that's malarkey. The pundits are right, in their hindsight breakdown of the series:


    - No goals for the Rangers in any game after the 2nd period.

    - Kings outshooting the hell out of NY in the second half of each game, to an embarrassing degree. People who never watched hockey  before could see the Kings as the better team in every game as they approached the second 30 minutes of the game.

    - The "luck" they say that let the fateful goal in Game 2 not be whistled off is a fraction of the luck I saw in play in Game 4, with crossbars and pucks stopping on the goal line, to avoid a sweep.


    This series was never close. Kings-Devils in 2012 was a true dogfight, if you want to compare the two.

    There's only the NY media and fans that think it was close.....even if the Kings swept the series you'd be hearing NY say it was "closer than people realize"    stuff like that

  4. there's plenty available, I think that's the last thing Lou will do this summer, in fact he might give Kinkaid a shot and if he doesn't look NHL ready/able he'll make a move during the season

    he's gonna wait till all his forwards and D are signed and see how much he can spend on a backup

  5. THE GLOBE & MAIL: James Mirtle :New Jersey #‎Devils are believed to have exceeded last year’s salary cap by at least $3 million because of performance bonus for Jaromir Jagr. This means the 3 mil will be put towards this years cap giving he devils less money to work with.


    That's kind of a bummer... How much cap space are we looking at minus that $3 million?

    I dont know...how does Lou let something like that happen?


    isnt that a loophole teams would use at the trade deadline so they could exceed to cap and "worry about it next year"

  6. hey, did the ranger fans celebrate the Kings winning in 2012....hell yeah

    we're doing the same thing right now...our rival got beat...lets have a good time

    we dont have to get technical about everything

    this is after all a NJ Devil fan forum...we shouldnt have to explain anything 

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