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  1. That shows they were both excellent in the 3rd and OT. GAA is a team stat and not really a goalie stat. Lundqvist faced 52!! more shots in the 3rd and OT.


    Quick was awesome as well.

    Lundy did face a lot of pucks, just like that Advil commercial with the rhino !

  2. You gotta be good when it counts...3rd period and in OT


    Goalie   1st   2nd  3rd 1OT   2OT     Total  GA     Shots Faced            GAA     Save %

    Lundy      3     6     3      1        2             15                 194                     2.43       .923

    Quick      5     5     0      0        0              10                 146                    1.62       .932

  3. Lundqvist is a great goalie mechanically, you just have to wonder if the negativity of not winning it all is creeping into his brain, sorta like how the San Jose Sharks feel in the playoffs...they just start thinking "here we go again"

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