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  1. heres a little article on it http://www.nytimes.com/2000/02/09/sports/sports-of-the-times-heartbreak-strikes-good-people.html
  2. little stuff like "where the hell is East Rutherford anyway" he's from PA, and as a NY player he really looked down on NJ
  3. I'm OK with 2 of the 4 eff Mess and Richter (Richter insulted NJ on a few occaisions) Leetch...meh Graves...OK, I'm sure we all know the story of the kids he helped out and the one he brought to the Garden to meet any ranger he wanted and the kid wanted to meet Marty, so Graves said OK, lets go meet him, and they did, the kid was so happy about it. Good little story
  4. I'd back this idea, especially when a 4th liner dives and puts your best D man in the box for interference or holding etc
  5. I wish Sunny Mehta would give us the odds of Kovi returning !
  6. not sure how many he would have, but I do wonder if he gets to 700, if he's a backup next year I'm not so sure he'll get 12 wins and then what does he do? come back in 2015/16 again ? Marty had good timing getting into the league at a young age on a good team, but he also went through 3 lock outs that didnt help his stats
  7. yeah when somebody tweets the Devils are in negotiations with Kovi, well thats jumping over some hurdles we would have heard about first like: Ilya wants to un-retire and come back to the NHL or all 30 GM's approve Kovi back into the league then we might hear about negotiations
  8. how about change of ownership, is their a clause that might make previous contracts etc meaningless or something like this?
  9. as much as we hate the rags, and the queen, you know he's good enough to steal a game in the series...well he stole one for the team/fans last night, let's see if he can steal another, in fact he will have a clunker in this series too. The Kings look much better than the Pens and Canadians did, and seem to be getting stronger as this series moves along
  10. Ryan Kesler wants out of Vancouver....there ya go swap em
  11. does he have a list of only one team like MSL !
  12. if the rags win tonight, and it's a real possibility, the Garden, the fans the city and the media will act like they just won game six and have all the momentum going into the next game I'd stay away
  13. well it looks like Brian Gionta isn't coming back http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=454550
  14. you're not the sharpest tool in the shed ..are you?
  15. no, listen, I know it sounds like BS, but I went to the Met / Yankee game at Citi Field a few weeks ago and when we got back we started talking hockey, we were both loaded as it was a bus trip from Rockland County to the game and then back, but he told me this story about him talking to a guy (maybe from group sales) in person, not on the phone, and he told him not to change or get rid of the jersey, keep it.
  16. yeah no way, Clowe makes more than that he would get Zajac / Elias money at least
  17. I think the next game (hopefully the last game) one of those guys will have a real strong game and seal the deal
  18. A friend of mine was talking to someone who worked somewhere in the Devils organization and told him his kid has a Kovi jersey, and he is so bummed out now since Kovi isnt on the team, and this guy told him flat out.."don't get rid of it...keep it" for whatever its worth
  19. yeah he isnt getting it, I think a King will get it regardless of which team wins.
  20. as we know from 2003 a player on the losing team can win the Con
  21. Who's winning the Con-Smythe ?? Carter, Gaborik, Quick, Kopitar, Doughty ??
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