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  1. no celebration till the fat lady is singing (but she is warming up)
  2. this one of the queen diving is to funny
  3. they are grasping at straws how do you get 32 shots on goal if you're being trapped to death, plus 6 power plays vs 4
  4. they're showing the rag fans leaving MSG and they are quiet and look like they're at a funeral
  5. shots...rags 32, kings 15 save % queen 800 quick 1000
  6. didnt we lose the first two in OT then get shut out in game 3
  7. depends on what team you want to win!!! actually I aint saying anything yet...plenty of time left
  8. I dont care much about Lou's rule, but maybe some of the players might not care for it...
  9. whats up with the clock during this game
  10. never say never I couldnt believe the day we traded for Kovi I couldnt believe the day he retired theres also something fishy about the way he left on their own, I agree all 29 teams will not allow him back...unless the league did have something to do with his departure
  11. I'm sure Lou has told the NHL in private he hated that contract and it wasnt his idea etc, it was perfect timing for all parties for Kovi to go home for a while and come back when the dust settles
  12. I dont buy the part of this rumor that the Devils are working on bringing him back but I have heard rumors before that Kovi wants to come back eventually
  13. Devils have first shot at him if he was allowed to return
  14. thats the only argument...will he or wont he make the team better? I'm thinking he will, you're thinking he wont...fair enough this reminds me of the Cory vs Marty saga last year halfway through the season, many were saying "play Cory, he has a lower GAA and better save%, the other half said "play Marty, he has more wins, can handle the puck better and start the breakout to get our team from D to O"
  15. No I didnt read those post's you wrote when he left (and we dont know the real reason why he left) but I do think this team needs help scoring, and I do think in situations like: 4 on 4 / OT, in the shootout, on the PK he would help this team just from the perspective of the other teams keying on HIM could open up the other players on our team and he was exciting to watch at times......our team was a little drab to watch recently
  16. we dont know if he's an option......it's just a rumor right now
  17. I'm not gonna argue with you,it's obvious you don't like Kovi, but one thing you guys are missing is the availability of players we don't have a lot to offer in a trade, we don't have a stacked minor league system (forwards), we don't draw free agent like the big market teams how do you expect Lou to make this team better? one player cant do it all, but he can help in our weak areas Find me one team where all the forwards have excellent stats.....it's never gonna happen
  18. you cant paint it anyway you want I want this team in the playoffs...not golfing
  19. Lou is getting this team into the playoffs next season...he's not gonna take a chance on Cory playing 85% of the season without a qualified backup there in case Cory gets hurt
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