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  1. No way 29 teams approve. That would set a bad precedent. This story was dead in the water the second it hit twitter.

    never say never

    I couldnt believe the day we traded for Kovi

    I couldnt believe the day he retired

    theres also something fishy about the way he left

    on their own, I agree all 29 teams will not allow him back...unless the league did have something to do with his departure

  2. i think rangers fans have finally cracked. i listened to a half hour of referee conspiracies on sports radio (steve somers show). apparently gary bettman wants the rangers to lose as the referees that were chosen for the finals were done to specifically screw them over. apparently the kings are 16-3 with wes mccauley and crew that is currently doing the finals in the regular season


    also steve somers says he is tired of hearing about the kings resiliency but not tired of hearing about '94

    steve somers is 94 !

  3. I'm not sure if this was clarified earlier in the thread or not but do all 30 GM's need to approve Kovy's return for this upcoming season or just the Devils? To my understanding the only time all 30 GM's had to approve Kovy returning was this past season and starting this season only the Devils needed to approve his return until his 35th birthday.

    Guliti says all 30

  4. There are so many layers/obstacles to this:


    1) Is there any truth to this rumour at all (very very unlikely)

    2) Can Kovy just get out of his KHL deal. 

    3) How in the world are the Devils going to be able to get him even if he wanted to return to the NHL and the Devils specifically.

    4) Is he worth signing anyway (back issues, knee surgery, everything else)

    Devils have first shot at him if he was allowed to return

  5. No arguments on the team needing more scoring and for being a tough watch.  But Kovy's exciting for the wrong reasons too. 


    If I could have the 2011-12 Kovy back, I'd probably take him, flaws and all.  But that's probably hoping for too much. 

    thats the only argument...will he or wont he make the team better? I'm thinking he will, you're thinking he wont...fair enough


    this reminds me of the Cory vs Marty saga last year halfway through the season, many were saying "play Cory, he has a lower GAA and better save%, the other half said "play Marty, he has more wins, can handle the puck better and start the breakout to get our team from D to O"

  6. Guess you didn't read any of my posts when Kovy left.  I said I didn't really hold his choosing to leave against him, that if he wasn't happy here and his heart truly wasn't into being a Devil or being in America for that matter, I wasn't going to judge him for it, or have any hard feelings.  I'd rather he not be here than be completely miserable being a Devil, which apparently he would've been at that time had he stayed. 


    If I truly thought that Kovy could help this team (because that's all I really care about...can he make the Devils better?), then I'd be all for it (and admittedly even discussing this is probably pointless), though nervous (see below).   But I don't think he does.  I've already stated why.  He had a pretty disappointing year in a lesser league last season, after a not-so-great season in the NHL in 2013.    


    You don't really have any proof that he's going to be that much of a help here, outside of blind hope...you're coming off like his coming here will lead to an automatic playoff berth, and him being productive. Like I've said, I don't have anything against Kovy personally, but if any of this crap is true, he wanted to go back home, even left a lot of money on the table because he wanted to go home that badly (though he signed for nice money over there, to play in a lot less games per season), but now he wants to come back and leave SKA behind?  Sorry, I'd be a little nervous about a guy prone to that kind of flip-flopping, even if was only for a one-year or two-year deal...if Kovy is about halfway through this season and is clearly having a rough time, do you put it past him to say "Screw this"?  Is it really that much of a stretch to think he might not honor yet another deal, after bailing on two long-term contracts?    

    No I didnt read those post's you wrote when he left (and we dont know the real reason why he left)

    but I do think this team needs help scoring, and I do think in situations like: 4 on 4 / OT, in the shootout, on the PK he would help this team

    just from the perspective of the other teams keying on HIM could open up the other players on our team

    and he was exciting to watch at times......our team was a little drab to watch recently

  7. Don't lump me in with the "micro stats are the be-all end-all" crowd.  I've never been like that.


    I don't want him back because I don't think he's going to be terribly good or helpful here.  He wasn't terribly good in the NHL in his final Devils season, and he wasn't terribly good in the KHL last season.  He's not getting any younger.




    Right, because having Kovy on your team guarantees a playoff berth.  Those playoffs runs Kovy led the Devils to in 2011 and 2013 were awesome.  As was the one (ONE) in Atlanta where they got swept. 


    Not saying the above were 100% on Kovy, but I don't see how an aging and declining Kovy gets this team over the hump.   

    I'm not gonna argue with you,it's obvious you don't like Kovi, but one thing you guys are missing is the availability of players 

    we don't have a lot to offer in a trade, we don't have a stacked minor league system (forwards), we don't draw free agent like the big market teams

    how do you expect Lou to make this team better?

    one player cant do it all, but he can help in our weak areas


    Find me one team where all the forwards have excellent stats.....it's never gonna happen

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