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  1. You guys with your super micro stats should look at the big picture
  2. What kind of a contract will Josefson get ? is he still in the Devils long term plans (with Deboer as coach)
  3. thanks for the info/article on little Pepe I'd rather have him on our team than have to play against him! we'll see
  4. I want this series and season over with already....it's summer man
  5. he might not get a decent offer this summer and end up waiting till during the season if some goalie gets hurt and fill in there. kind of like when we signed the Beezer back when
  6. could be is he any good?, obviously if he's a late first rounder type he's not star material, but?
  7. they're beating them like we did in 2012, screening Lundy and deflecting shots from the D
  8. why cant Lou draft guys like him.............kidding kidding!
  9. how do you read this series? LA coming back to win tough games, or the rags just cant beat-em?
  10. I guess the rags took some diving lessons during their off days
  11. if some team did it to us and they asked Lou about it he'd say...."I havent seen it, next question"
  12. I was thinking...did we ever have a two goal lead on them once?
  13. I guess the Kings have to fall behind by 2 goals before they wake up
  14. Dont forget Favre had a lousy season with the Jets before he had a good season with the Vikes
  15. Amanda Schiavo is a NYC based journalist...enough said
  16. dont count them out till its over we've been saying "they're not good enough" for a month now
  17. Our entire 4th line are UFA's, I dont think they'll all be back, meaning we can bump some useless forwards down a line (or two)
  18. yeah this is good to hear, especially since he grew up idolizing Mike Richter ...but he now knows ...he's a Devil !
  19. thats great..and must have cost a pretty penny
  20. he might not get a new contract from another team this summer and retire as a Devil..and only a Devil
  21. looks like the ugliest part of the "Marty is done as a Devil" saga is over...it got ugly at times during the season but now everybody see's the light Marty still wants to play..fine Marty knows Schneids is the Devils goalie now...cool he'll always be a Devil and come back to the organization one day...nice the Devils lost Parise, Kovi, now Marty, and we got new solid ownership...time for Lou to build some championship caliber teams...get going Lou, I'm excited about our future
  22. I dont think we're in a position to be "picky"
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