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  1. With all these feel good stories of late.......what are the chances Lemaire returns as coach next season ??
  2. Nancy Salmela just isnt tough enough to be a NJ Devil....she's much to soft !!
  3. Pelley was so excited he scored a goal last night, he must of forgot his coat at the Rock... luckily for him he probably wont score again till the winter is over
  4. Ya know....Bryce Salvador has vanished without a trace.....just sayin
  5. wait a minute......dont even go there !!!!!
  6. I hold Lou responsible too but he did what looked like decent moves over the summer getting Arnott,A-Train, Tallinder (who was OK), Moose...and kept Kovi on the team. On paper we looked OK, better than last season.....but obviously the situation FAILED Just as every player must play to their full potential....the GM should as well....and he hasnt handled this mess very well has he ??? and I think this team has gotten weaker and weaker the last 5-7 years. I am not ready to run Lou out of town....but he needs a kick in the butt, and maybe this season is that "kick in the butt"
  7. funny.....nobody has blamed him much, but I notice our team (esp our D) never blocks shots anymore, and we hardly ever have our sticks on the ice blocking passes etc.
  8. I dont know where Kovi is going......who would take this guy at his price ?? We're stuck with him, so we better build a winning team around him
  9. Lets not forget.....The NJ Devils do not have endless money to spend on nothing........here's what I mean, Lemaire is still under contract being PAID his coaches salary, Salvador is nowhere to be found being PAID his players salary, if Lou fires J Mac and Oates, they will still be paid their coaching salary.............This adds up to MILLIONS of dollars, add to that the crazy contracts our non-producing players are making and this equals throwing MILLIONS of dollars out the window. I think Lou realizes this and is thinking, enough is enough, this year is what it is. We'll get back to sanity d
  10. The 29th Pick

    An apology

    Must be the Holidays..........isnt Christmas time wonderful !!!!
  11. The 29th Pick

    An apology

    This season is beyond belief............and those that are the most pissed and yell the loudest are the most passionate fans.
  12. Tough choice for Lou.....cause I never see him throwing a season out, no matter how bad. This team needs revenue from playoff games, so you know he's still thinking we have a shot (although I dont) But your right about dealing from weakness.........None of our players would fetch much in return.............but we will need to move players for cap reasons......ugh, my head would be spinning if I were Lou
  13. Moose bailed them out a few times, and a few Penguins actually shot like our team (high or wide) But overall....to hold them to 2 goals is all we can ask.
  14. they will definately cost us a second round draft pick at least !!
  15. now if we could only find skates that prevent falling down....Clarkson might actually be worth having on this team
  16. I noticed the puck always bouncing around.....I think the ice is bad at the Rock this year, and its effecting all our offense.
  17. The 29th Pick

    Brian Lee

    Does he know how to coach !!!!!
  18. This is exactly what Lou said after the 10 game mark.........I think he's losing it
  19. A picture really is worth a thousand words........this pic say's it all
  20. Maybe Pat heard all our bickering about 1 bad season in 14 years and said "I heard enough" its really a sad day for hockey and ironic that the man this team really needs as a coach ...is gone R.I.P. Burnsy
  21. I thought being close to each other was paramount in the Sutter family !!!
  22. Will we: A) Get a win at the Rock B) Get a goal from Kovi C) Get a + rating from Tallinder ??????????????????????????????
  23. Reading this post is like having a homework assignment !!
  24. the next week..........maybe the next 15 years
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