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  1. Isnt Lou Lam's part Owner of the Devils, I doubt Vanderbeek could/would just give him the boot. (off topic...but, why cant I change my avatar??, I deleted it and uploaded a new pic, but it doesnt show up?)
  2. We CANNOT let Zach walk away from NJ without something in return, Lou has got to realize this, too many quality players left the Devils over the last 10 years or so, and were not be replaced with equal quality ...you know their names. Zach is worth a ton, I'd hate to see him go, but if it looks like it might happen, Lou has to trade him before hand.
  3. Has anyone heard if Bryce Salvadore is still around !!!!! whats his deal, is he getting better or has he been taken away in the middle of the night never to return??
  4. We have needed a play-making center for ever, Gomer was good at getting the puck to his wingers in scoring position, but after he left, there was and is a void in that area (I hate Gomer too, but he did a good job in that department).
  5. This entire team is off its game, Kovi didnt look this lost at the end of last season, he (and everyone else) seems to have regressed over the off season. maybe its Mac ???
  6. Sorry you went through what you did, I had a Dr Lloyd in Westwood NJ, and the surgery in Paramus, and like I said, it went great....maybe I was lucky, but I'm sure Zach has the BEST available Dr on the job, and in 3 months he'll be awesome again.
  7. I thought your location is "Chicago" (whats your docs name(s)
  8. Maybe those doctors out in Chicago arent as good as the ones in Jersey
  9. how the hell was I supposed to know everyones medical history I was just telling it from my experience (a true story, rather than "I heard this or I heard that")
  10. The 29th Pick

    Fire Oates

    Something along these lines is true....our D is too young and inexperienced and our O is too old and over-rated
  11. Let me clear the air here because some people didnt understand my post about a torn meniscus It's not that bad. I know I'm not a pro athlete, but with my crummy doctors and health insurance I did very well, and I'm 40 years old. If........ and I say IF this is what Zach has.....then we can breathe a little easier ....THATS ALL I MEANT If I upset anyone with a wooden leg ...I am sorry and if I upset anyone about the pain killers...well just cause I didnt need them for the knee surgery doesnt mean they went to waste.
  12. I had a torn meniscus last year, I got it working out one day, and hardly noticed it until a day later, my leg swelled up and I could hardly walk, I figured in a few days it would go away...but no dice, I walked around like I had a wooden leg for 2 months before finally getting it looked at. The MRI showed 2 big cyst's on each side of the torn muscle....this is what was causing the trouble, I had surgery on it ......no fooling I went in to the facility at 6 am, and was home watching TV by 9:30 am. I even walked up the stairs in my house and never even needed the pain killers I got. In 2 weeks
  13. Arent mascots usually a choice between a turd sandwich and a giant douche !!!!!!!!!!
  14. Maybe the fact that he's from Alaska and hangs with Gomex
  15. and on the Devils......its all about TEAM
  16. Its a good idea to see what Frazee can do in the big leagues, someday we'll have to replace Marty ya know and maybe we can see if this kid has potential......or not !!!
  17. The 29th Pick


    I like Campell, but he's probably gonna stay with a winner in San Jose, and as far as Redden, he's done, only an idiot would sign him !! Ok thats it !!!!!!!!!!! I swear
  18. The 29th Pick


    Lou is a first class man and will sign Sarge because of what he has done for this franchise, thats a no-doubter, and I'm sure he's smart enough to realize Pando isnt worth that much anymore, and let him walk !!!
  19. The 29th Pick


    I heard he is gone, but definately he is going out west to be closer to his lettuce picking family, its not about the money with scott. !!
  20. The 29th Pick


    No listen we need to get Rob Niedermayer, this way Scott will stay with us, imagine losing Scott to the Ducks !!! Oh thats rediculous, he'd never leave the Devils !!!!!!!!!
  21. I guess the circus is in town, he and everyone on that team creams for the spotlight, I guess they are all really insecure.
  22. You are exactly correct, we pass the puck to the other team, or drop it back to the point and hope a d-man is there, and when someone shoots the puck it just hits the opposing players skate or leg. That's the reason Voros looked so good the other night against us, because the rags were getting clear shots to the front of the net area, and Voros was in the right spot at the right time. We could have had 3 guys in front of queen lundy but no-one could get a clean shot through
  23. I was thinking that last night BEFORE the game, but Sutter wants to put his best team out there against the rags, its the only way we'll beat them. Marty is trying to-hard as is the rest of the team, and its showing, hopefully we'll beat them at the Rock and cool things down a bit, but as a personal choice I'd play Weekes at the garden games....hey he's supposed to play more games this year, and he knows the garden well.
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