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  1. We got a few guys under contract for a few years I'm worried about: Whitey, Langs, Zubes, Pando
  2. As much as I dislike the Rags, this is really sad and I feel bad for everyone involved.
  3. 6lbs of muscle....uh oh, I hope he hasn't been hangin with Barry Bonds
  4. Marty woulda had the shut out if it wasnt for Martins skate....oh well
  5. The 29th Pick

    Colin White

    He looked awful 2 nite, I think Brookbank could be more useful than Whitey, and thats bad
  6. Ditto, if the "MB" wasn't so obvious ...maybe, but its all about TEAM in Jersey, I thought the old mask was kinda lame, but.....not a fan of this new one.
  7. Yeah I noticed that too........WTF ???????
  8. Yeah PLUS its a contract year so he has to perform well.
  9. Bruce fans are really closet rags fans !!!!!!
  10. Thanks, I thought I was the only living person in Jersey who aint a Bruce fan. I'm sure theres a better goal song than one of his.
  11. Yeah theres a height limit to be a Devils fan, Steves only 4'9'', so he had to become a rags fan by default !!!
  12. Yes, I absolutely hate the Rangers and dont care for their fans.
  13. Plus Bruce grew up a Ranger fan
  14. Wadda you think: Tampa a bust this season or a powerhouse ????????
  15. The writing is, I mean has been on the wall for a while now. Hang em up pal.
  16. The NHL themselves are just as stupid......way back around 2000 (memory is faded a bit) at the NHL All Star Game, I think at the Shark Tank that year, the announcer introducing the players said " and from the New York Devils ....it's Scott Stevens", and Scotty looked around like WTF, then shrugged his shoulders and skated onto the ice. THATS FREEKIN CRAZY MAN
  17. Lou is to blame...he broke up the "A" line back then because he felt they were becoming bigger than the team....WHAT ????, all they did was score goals like crazy, whats wrong with that.
  18. Driving to a train station is half the ride down, its almost a bad idea to take the train from my standpoint.
  19. He had that beauty in overtime against Boston, but I dont think he's what he was 5 years ago, lets see what he does in the playoffs this year, that's where he can earn his phat paycheck. Maybe he's sick of Sutter changing the lines all the time???? Maybe he'll waive his no trade clause if there was a deal in the works???
  20. Plenty of parking????? was that near the arena or far away???
  21. Why do we get up for playing the Fly-gerls, but cant pick it up angainst the Rags ??????????
  22. I heard Sutter made the refs ride the stationary bikes for 1 hour after a game last week !!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Horrible call on the 4 minute high stick Elias got, it was a Flyers stick that got his own man....B.S.
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