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  1. This guy needs counseling, and permanent removal from the NHL, that was as cheap as I'll ever see....even Avery wouldnt do that.
  2. How do you grow a sport when even replays seen in Toronto are clearly messed up ???????? I've been watching since '87 and its really just a game of special teams now, I understand missing calls but the unevenness of the penalties is totally disturbing, the new NHL is supposed to have parity among all the teams, but 20 minutes spent killing penalties by one team in a 60 minute game isnt exciting.
  3. The 29th Pick

    The Non goal

    You wonder why the NHL is losing fans, that ruling made me so sick I turned on comedy central.
  4. This 2nd period has been played entirely in the Devils end, it looks like a 20 minute power play
  5. Hey just imagine the standings in our division tonight if we won the 4 games against them.......can you say basement.
  6. They are OUR biggest rival, we just layed down and died tonight, I wont accept the "oh it was a good game crap", somebody on our team really needed to step up in that 3rd period and we just stalled.
  7. I was saying to myself the whole game...wow Shanny is washed up, he's a nonfactor...oh well. Why cant we get up for these games against the freekin rags man ????????????/
  8. For real???? when ???, it's OK with me, keep him on a losing team, rather than the Rags, well they're losers too !!!!
  9. Looks like the Habs are starting their freefall a few weeks early this year.
  10. I understand and agree with giving up players like Rolston for a short time rental, but some trades pan out for years in our favor....ie Langenbrunner, it's just the Marty factor....how many years will he be able to carry us like he has ??????????? You know we'll NEVER have anything that good again.
  11. It's the Devils way to be Stanley Cup Champs every year though, and ya gotta try to get as many as we can while Marty is .... Marty.
  12. TV ratings would be up if you didn't have to pay extra to get another crappy cable channel to see games, just as ticket sales would be better if they didnt cost so much, these great minds and media reporters dont know how much it costs to spend a night at a game, they get in for free and think everyone is loaded like they are. Hockey's fan base is mostly blue collar types that don't have the extra $200+ to see a game and eat, park, etc. I hate how every question Bettman answers is "Well actually we have found the opposite to be true" he's a load of ----!
  13. You know where Hossa is headed...yeah to play with his brother in New York (if he's still there) That'll be their next BIG signing, another final piece of the puzzle to build that SC champion team.....yeah right !!!
  14. Hey njdevils2003champs, I sent u an answer to your question about what Holik said, in case you didn't get it, he was asked by Stan Fischler what he thinks of the new arena, and Holik said something like "I could care less about anything but the ice, and the ice isn't any good here"
  15. Yeah, it's so hard right now to know who's gonna be in or out of the playoff picture, even in February many teams will hesitate to trade anyone cause the divisions are all pretty even.
  16. I read an article last night that the Rangers are trying to get Sundin maybe, and Vinnie LaCav from the bolts ....(please don't let that happen)
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