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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here so don't kill me if this isn't a worthy topic, but being that the Devils have some cap room, and really have a lot of young players, it's real possible Lou will get that veteran player (forward/D-man) at the trade deadline, I know its a long way off, but seeing a guy like Recchi get put on waivers then picked up by the Thrashers......who do you think Lou might go after ????????????

  2. Drury was garbage in Calgary

    Drury killed us in the finals, I don't know if he was that good in the regular season(s) with Colorado, now I just hate him because of his uniform.

    And Avery didn't do anything for L.A., cause L.A. has had a lousy team for years really and nobody could spark them.

  3. I'm diggin' Elias' candid remarks lately. Between this one and admitting to Fischler that it did hurt to lose the C, I'm gaining even more respect for him.

    :boogie: I love when Elias was interviewed a few weeks ago before the rangers played at the Rock, when asked about Gomez coming back to play in Jersey for the first time, he said he hoped the crowd boo's him.........awesome

  4. this is don waddell trying to save his job....he's hoping his mess of a team somehow makes it into the playoffs, where they'll be eliminated, and then self-destruct in the offseason.

    :hah: Hey those Thrashers beat the so called "stanley cup favorites" last night :dance:

  5. I wish the media and everyone would just stay away from Elias for a month or two and let him play hockey, he's been under a microscope for a year now and I don't think it helps his game or attitude. Give him some slack-jack. (media and fans)

  6. What does everybody think about this? Shouldn't these actually mean a little more than, "Hey Patty, it's Tuesday. Time for you to wear the A." "Gio, you'll get it next Wednesday when we're on the road."

    Sutters got his own way of doing things, I didn't like it a first but I guess he knows what he's doin. And I don't know the locker room situation, I think some players are honored to wear a letter and some could care less, so give it to the guy's who feel good about wearing it...if they deserve it. I was surprised when Sutter gave Zubrus the "A" right away this season, but what the heck. I think veteran Devils should wear letters and or players that are performing up to par. White, Madden, Elias, Pando, Zach, Gio, Brylin...and others as the year goes by.

  7. In my mind, just dealt him and his 500,000 salary somewhere else since I think we have kids who can easily take his spot.

    Trade him for a bag of pucks or some nachos, or at least put him in one of the million empty seats at the Rock, he's a big guy, he can fill 2 seats.

  8. I'm curious to see who your 2nd favorite NHL team is and why; and I better not see any Patrick Division teams in this thread.

    In addition to her entire family, my mom was born and raised in Chicago. She moved to NJ shortly before I was born, but since then I've visited family in Chicago nearly 25 times.

    So, unless they are playing the Devils: Go Blackhawks!

    I don't have another team I root for, it all depends on the specific situation, but ALWAY'S root for the team playing the Rangers

  9. Boo Bruins fan. There is this kid who talks about the Rangers non-stop in class, he knows absolutely nothing too, he just wants to rag the Devils. Hes so stupid, he thought Jagr was a Devil because Gomez was a rag, wtf, i have no idea.

    :wacko: That confused me just reading it !!!!!!!!!!

    Hey not that I'm a big Mike Rupp fan, but why don't the Dev's use him or lose him???

  10. 1. try the new topic button in the top right hand corner

    2. The ranking came out on Monday prior to the canes game. Supposedly TSN does the Rankings based on a formula including a lot of stats and not using subjective judgment

    Thanks, and actually its probably not worth a topic as they are 4-3 in their last 7 , not good enough for the jump but better than I thought, I went to the Rangers website to see their record, and there was a poll there asking what ranger fans like more, the Rangers beating the Devils or the Islanders, funny only 19% Ranger fans liked to see them beat us.....maybe they arent as bad as I thought :evil:

  11. What's this Rangers team I'm always hearing about?

    :argh: Hey guys and gals, I'm new here and don't know how to start new topics, or if they're valid enough to start etc, but I just checked out TSN power rankings and

    how the frig are the Rangers all the way up to 2nd ???? they lost like 4 out of the last 6 or something like that ????? Maybe Glenn Sather pays the editor over

    there ?????????????//

  12. I still fail to understand why you come to this site to complain about what people talk about. Let me guess, you are one of those Rangers fans who go to Devils games just to sit there and go, "Look at that dump-in...they are so boring!"


    I love how Rangers fans think attendance and media exposure is more important than the Stanley Cup. I guess we are all happy then, they can keep their names in the papers, we will just keep hoisting the Cup.

  13. These two are just horrible - I can't watch any more Rangers games. If they're not falling over themselves to praise rookies for making completely standard plays, they're exhibiting blatant homerism over penalty calls or gushing over some other basic NHL play. I can't tell if this is part of the Dolan sycophantic regime or whether Sam Rosen has just gotten dumber over the years - but it's unlistenable as a fan of another team.

    Today was the final straw - when Petr Prucha elbowed Chris Neil as a reaction to Neil's incoming hit, Michelleti says 'That's a good, smart play'. It's also a penalty, you dope.

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