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  1. so close at getting the go-ahead or winning goal in that game still happy we got there (and how we got there)
  2. he must know hockey pretty well....notice the thugs on the flyers logo ! they're really good
  3. lets start with this....what teams out there are set on D and what teams need D?
  4. agree also think Lou was more than happy to "let" Kovi "retire" so he can start building a team HIS way
  5. I do this with ranger fans during the season....its a win win situation! don't know
  6. yeah after the rags got out of that third period still tied...you knew they would get a lucky goal in OT...but the hockey gods are running out of hand-outs hopefully! Nash has been.....Nash-like
  7. cant believe some of the lucky bounces the rags got how long is their luck gonna last.......yeah they lost tonight, but it shouldve been a laugh-er after 3 periods
  8. pretty funny....who say's the west coast doesnt have a sense of humor !
  9. like Jim Dowd said....."I dont like those ranger fans from Jersey" !
  10. and the bad luck for us continues...Quick was hit in the throat with a puck in practice and left the ice in pain...but they say he's OK http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=453909
  11. Just look at the Matteau's when we drafted Stephan...him and his dad put on the Devils gear and were quite happy about it the chance to play on a good team in a good area with a nice paycheck really changes things! but this JVR thing is just somebodys wish anyway.
  12. Fayne's agent thinks that Mark isnt in the Devils plans huh?
  13. Who thinks JVR likes being a Maple Leaf? maybe the Devils arent his favorite team, but wouldnt mind coming "home" to NJ
  14. If Lou resigns Fayne, some of our D is getting traded I dont know if it's Greene but he's a free agent after next season and might command some big bucks I'm thinking one of the young D-men will be shipped out for some forward help
  15. I dont want to lose decent players for nothing, but if we do I hope he ends up on a team I dont hate, Boston would be OK
  16. the rags will lose Stralman then sign Fayne and he'll have some real good seasons over there
  17. sounds like Eddie Olczyk is running that joint I was wondering who Eddie would root for if Chicago won and played the rags in the finals, but now that L.A. won he's gonna be hard to listen to (if he's doing the games)
  18. Lou told Dean..."Do as I say...not as I do" !!!!
  19. I wouldnt trust the numbers, with the rags in the finals they will fudge the ratings to an all time best ever totally fantastic number
  20. Don't forget this L.A. King team was built with help from Lou Lam's Dean Lombardi sat down with Lou when he took over that team and got a plan how to build a "team' well done Dean
  21. I guess this is good that LA won, but they didnt exactly dominate at all
  22. you'll know when they score in OT, you'll either feel good and say "yeah" or you'll feel like crap and say "sh!t"
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