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  1. watching this game...I'm not sure who would have a better chance to beat the rags?
  2. but Lou knows we need scoring and we need some speed...he has to bring in some help
  3. with the success of the rags, and the fact we've missed the playoffs two seasons in a row now, I hope Lou has a little more urgency to get this team competitive ASAP
  4. this game is gonna have a wild finish
  5. Hawks are getting banged up a little now
  6. strange goals in this game...........thats why you dont want it to get to a game 7, weird bounces and stuff can kill
  7. L A is stuck watching the Hawks fly all over the ice
  8. one of those small Gulfstream jets, I believe they hold around 10 passengers
  9. Thankfully there aren't many plane crashes in America these days I wonder what caused this plane to crash?
  10. it wouldnt bother me when the Sox won back in 04 I tipped my hat to them, they had a good team, even George Steinbrenner told the grounds crew at Yankee Stadium to leave the lights on and let them celebrate after coming back from 0-3 to beat the Yanks in that ALCS.....they deserved it The Eagles or the Flyers for that matter wouldn't bother me (I wouldn't root for them, but if they win they win) one reason it's OK for me to see another team win a championship is because I've seen all 3 of my teams win at least 3 championships EACH. Its easier to watch another (hated) team win because of that
  11. It's weird that I heard about a fiery airplane crash last night but no names were mentioned. Now we see Lewis Katz was one of the passengers killed. RIP
  12. other than blogs and social media, you wont hear much about the Kings winning the cup, they're far enough away, but if the rags win...ugh forgetaboutit !
  13. I am probably considered a hypocrite as I can't see people rooting for the Devils and the rags...BUT as a Yankee fan, I'm fine with the Mets winning a world series, or as a Giant fan I'm cool with the Jets going all the way. its a little different with our Devils and the rags because they're in the same division/conference.. It's mainly the "home team" factor with me...if you live in New Jersey...there's only ONE home team in hockey. it's a little like this with Cowboy fans too, there's just too many of them in the metro area
  14. Sal is probably in Florida right now at the Cybergenics synthetic hormone institute turning back the clock so he can play another 5 years !
  15. Not really, Crawford and Lundy were leading in GAA until their clunker games this past week, and Quick has been through the pressure of the finals before, so I dont think the rags have a major advantage, also the queen cant handle the puck..at all, where as Quick is OK in that dept (not great)
  16. Cant wait for the one in LA next week LA King/NY Queen !!
  17. not everyone takes sports as seriously as most of us Devils fans do Soooo many people just go with the flow and have a good time doing it....I wish I could, but....
  18. he's 35....I dont know how much gas he has left in the tank....maybe they buy him out?
  19. they'll probably try to move Hossa if anyone, he's on the books for over 5 mill a year for 7 more years still....and he DOESN'T have any no-movement clauses
  20. Leetch, Messier, Graves, Richter...and maybe a Lundqvist
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