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  1. I'm a regular at the Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. There are a couple good BBQ places in the City like Fette Sau, Blue Smoke and Hill Country, but I really don't have time for any of them anymore because Dino is my absolute favorite place in the world. It's like Disney Land for carnivores. I can't believe/can't wait they're opening next door to the arena. That is beyond amazing.
  2. Can't argue with 4th overall.
  3. You shouldn't need math to root against the Rangers.
  4. They never give up. Never ever ever.

  5. The beat goes on!

  6. Question for the stat monsters... Before this season, has Jason Arnott ever experienced a loss to the Rangers while playing for the Devils? His first stint in Jersey was during that epic mastery over the Blueshirts, so I think he's never lost to them until this year.
  7. Any progress is good progress, I suppose. Thanks for the update.
  8. HBO and the NHL should team up to cover the Premiere Games to kick off the 2011-12 season. Give the 24/7 treatment to the teams over there. Also, if there was an HBO Game of the Week that pulled some of the trappings from the 24/7 series, my god that would be heavenly. Maybe a 30 pre-game show focusing on a couple players from each team, little behind-the-scenes moments and such, just to get to know the players. I don't care what the two teams would be every week. I'd watch more hockey if someone added Pop-Up Video graphics and factoids throughout the games.
  9. The Panasonic story reminds me, are they ever going to clean up the waterfront? Wasn't that supposed to be some sort of shopping and dining mecca on either side of the river?
  10. Yeah, I myself never understood the anti-MacLean stance. It's not like he Gomezed the Devils. I do remember how he came out and publicly said he wanted to be moved, though... on TV... before a game... That was crazy. Even as a teenager, I was like, oh $#!+ did he really just say that?!?!? That was the only negative I can recall about MacLean leaving. And he ended up in San Jose before NYR, which couldn't affect NJ any less. Who was that for, anyway? Dody Wood? Doug Bodger? I'm pulling for Stevens to win this whole thing.
  11. Where is Janne Ojannen? Zdeno Ciger? COME ON! Seriously, though, no Neal Broten??? Tough 1st round for Fetisov (Lemieux) and Doug Brown (Peluso). I particularly like the Underachievers Matchup of the Century between Steve Thomas and Brian Rolston.
  12. AT the very least, put up a fight. This is a rival.
  13. Probably one of the most thorough posts I've ever seen here. And to the OP, what you should have told Gary was to bring back the Patrick Division, Wales Conference, etc. Name the extra divisions after Orr, Howe, or Gretzky.
  14. This is part of why I enjoy working at night now. I have an excuse to sit through these 3-hour sessions of on-ice Boggle.
  15. Ahhh, so it was Orpik. He's pretty much on the money with his assessment.
  16. On a related note, I was in Pittsburgh during Winter Classic weekend, and among the game day newspaper coverage was a piece about Ovechkin's goal scoring "woes" this year. They interviewed some Pens players on how to stop Ovi, and the defenseman (maybe it was Orpik, but I don't recall) flat out said that Ovechkin became easier to defend because everyone figured out that all he'd do was try to beat every opposing player one-on-one. The Pen then cited Kovalchuk as doing the exact same thing. It's telling that Kovy gets mentioned in that context by a player talking about something/someone else entirely.
  17. This would be the perfect game to see Crosby's points streak end.
  18. I just laughed ginger ale through my nose. That effing hurt.
  19. What in the crazy of crazies...

  20. Well, it's definitely for kids, and I applaud the NHL's willingness to try something different, but overall, I've got a feeling this probably won't be the next X-Men or Spider-Man. But Stan Lee already created the Hulk, Fantastic Four, revived Captain America and Sub-Mariner... He can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants, and I'll at least be curious enough to check out some of the web content. I worked on this project in its early stages, and I saw some of the original concepts. Assuming they all stayed the same, a few of the characters are exactly what you think they would look like (even the silhouettes on the Facebook voting page suggest as much), and some of them are a little outside the box. I'm curious to see what people think of the Devil, which I personally thought was pretty cool.
  21. Quite possibly the most awesome post of the season.
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