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  1. Yeah I think his competitor's mask was kinda cool lol... Voted for Marty though, obviously.
  2. DJ Eco

    Rangers Fan Here

    I'm surprised how reasonable the people seemed on the WBB board.... Tip of the cap to them for realizing how dumb it is to "troll" on this guy's part lol...
  3. haha Funny stuff... Although, the guard was doing his job!!!
  4. He's a punkass just like his old man.... Does Chris Osgood have a son? I'd love for him to get revenge someday against Roy's son in the NHL
  5. Smart move, saw it coming after Lam dropped the hint that he'd have a diff. plan of attack on the back end of the two games... Marty played his heart out last night, it's good to give him some rest, and hopefully we dead the Caps again
  6. (+1) For not being an arena that's now called IZOD ARENA... lol... I went to a Nets game and shook my head at how ridiculous it looks now...
  7. I remember hearing from one of the FSNY guys last night say it's Brodeur's sixth time having a 9-game (or more) winning streak... LEGEND. Like Chere said, he deserved better.... played his heart out.
  8. DJ Eco


    He forget a major point about last night.... The Rangers are now TIED with both the Devs and the Flyers (and after Friday against the Capitals, will be under us)...
  9. Hockey players' skill and abilities and performance are directly corrolated to how well they dress??? That's a new one for me. sh!t, I'd be a superstar hockey player if that were true.. haha
  10. I used to like the older team of the Flyers. I wouldn't root for them, but I had respect for the players they had and their skill and style of play... Now, not so much... I've gotta say Ottawa.
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