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  1. Yeah, willing to give him the benefit of the doubt into early November, for sure. He's earned that much without a doubt, but it's concerning, and those breakaways in OT (and 2 shootout attempts so far this season) were low hanging fruit to calm our nerves a bit, and he didn't convert.
  2. Hall played like ass last night, imo, and I'm kind of surprised no one has called that out yet on this board, while we're all getting bogged down with critiquing Subban and Zacha (who mostly did well imo) with a magnifying glass. Giveaways, sloppy passes, losing battles that Nico had to clean up the mess a few times, even screwed up a routine deflection on 2 dump-ins coming in from the blue line, lacked speed, etc. Willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that it's the rust from not playing this amount of hockey since last winter (before you tear me a new one for unrealistic expectations), but for someone whom most Devils fans wanted the "C" to get handed to on opening night, playing like that and not burying 2 golden breakaways in OT or a shootout attempt on Edmonton's backup goalie to put this nightmare start behind the team around him and the fanbase, that should yield more criticism than I'm seeing here, in comparison to Subban and Zacha. This is someone whose 8 year, 8 digit contract could be announced sometime this month, and he's mostly being given a pass; am I missing something here?
  3. Pretty easy line to draw around a guy who's been found guilty of raping a whole string of 10-14 year olds. Jesus Christ, what are we even debating here? We're not talking about people with questionable politics or who wore something offensive on Halloween 40 years ago, this guy was found guilty of raping kids, and fat ass royalty checks from the New Jersey Devils would go straight to his release fund. No thank you! End of discussion.
  4. I tend to agree with this. The fact that Shero is rumored to be shopping for a defenseman (because our D corps aren't up to snuff, or maybe to balance LHD/RHD?) tells me a 9-game stint wouldn't have hobbled Smith or us in any way (during that time), I really don't see what the drawback would have been to giving that to him. I get what you guys are saying about "earning it", but it's just a 9-game trial, and virtually no one we sent down on waivers was going to get claimed, so we can cross that off the list of reasons. But instead, we just closed that door til next Summer.
  5. That really sucks for the kid, don't like to see a 20-21 year old going through this so early in his career. Really hope they figure it out for his sake, it's all fun and games poking fun at his stats compared to Nico's, but man, not like this...
  6. Agreed, I feel the same way in re: to Elias.
  7. I keep coming back to Hall's words about how much he likes the hype machine and "pageantry" of the NBA, and how our owners gave him a peek behind the scenes of the 76ers during the playoffs, something he really enjoyed being part of. He's talked so much about how that league is marketed, and how he wishes the NHL could try and do similar. The Hughes pick was marketed tremendously by our team, then we go and get PK Subban (which Hall signed off on). I know I'm looking too far into it, as far as contract negotiations go, but this is a Devils team that grabs headlines, Hall is starting to see that now, and I think he likes it. Wrapping this up the week before the season starts is exactly in line with "the show," and grabbing the headlines to hopefully ride some positive momentum into a strong start. Just my thoughts...
  8. The evolution of how this story has unfolded in the media follows a similar pattern to how the PK Subban trade and Nikita Gusev signing played out, it looks like Shero's M.O. is all about timing, and marketing. I think they're going to announce his extension next week, and it'll be timed to be a huge lift to the locker room in a big way just ahead of the home opener. I think this was always the plan, and they probably left off not all too far apart a few months back when they were all pretty laidback about negotiations; with the plan being to lock it up the week before the season. Edit: obviously not getting excited for one thing or another, just noticing a pattern with how Ray works the media around these big moves of the last couple years. He's not exactly tell-all, but he's not exactly Lou either. They've shown a pattern of teasing little bits of the story over time, and then you start to hear people like Matt Loughlin or Amanda Stein tweet hypothetically about it, and it's a wrap.
  9. Weird seeing some negative comments on Schneider (as well as Matt Loughlin calling out his rebound control a few times on the broadcast). I think our defense made him have to make a ton of really high quality saves yesterday, the rebounds were the least of my worries. They were largely not tidy at the back. As for Ty Smith, we know what he's capable of, we know how good he can play. Part of growing pains for a young D isn’t just how you play, but knowing what to do during the offseason, knowing how to show up for camp, what training you need to do and coaches you need to hire in July/August, etc. He just looks unprepared, but we know how good he can be, so hopefully this next 12 days gets him ready.
  10. Oh yeah, I remember that! That was awful.
  11. Unfortunately you're right, certain people are feeling emboldened these days, and I hope our fellow Devils fans will step up and nip that sh!t in the bud.
  12. Heard some "racial slurs", let's say, spoken about PK Subban by some Rangers fans last night. Nope, that's not gonna fly. Nah. We better be ready for things to get ugly this season, because he didn't even play and Rangers fans are throwing N-bombs in the preseason. Hope it was an isolated couple of cases.
  13. I'll be there too! Meeting a friend or two at American Whiskey, a bar a block south, around 5pm, I'll have my red and green Devils jersey on, swing by!
  14. Seriously! I know only portions of the city are affected, so hopefully they can very publicly give us some assurance that their water service has been tested and is safe.
  15. Just did! Posted from my phone for the first time and I guess that was the default size! Good point and you may be spot-on in some cases; however, I think what the mayor has tried to do for years is deflect it as a building-by-building landlord issue, while as the facts come out and widespread testing is conducted, they're realizing it's also a municipal issue. That's why schools have been serving bottled water for 2+ years, something's up with parts of the main water service. This is 100+ year old infrastructure in a city we sometimes forget has half the population of several whole states in our country.
  16. I’ve posted here for a while and I’m sure some people may think this isn’t Devils related, but I’d like to challenge us as Devils fans that it 100% should be. I respect if mods feel otherwise and want to move this topic. As you may or may not know, for the last 2 years, there have been issues with LEAD in the water coming from Newark’s pipes. The situation got worse about a couple months ago where the levels were identified as being as high as Flint, Michigan’s. Newark is Newark, so the national media largely doesn’t care, and it hasn’t become anywhere near the buzz issue that “Flint!” has. Anyway, I noticed after the recent MTV VMAs in Newark that most Devils fans seemed to be a combination of: 1) entirely unaware of this issue, or even 2) cynical of the protestors who took up the cause outside of our arena that night. I wanted to write this post because I get the feeling the protestors will be outside once the Devils season starts, and the more informed we Devils fans are, I hope the more we can all agree it’s very much justified. Most of us drive in or take the train so we can enjoy our beautiful little slice of Newark for a few hours each game day. We’ve seen businesses flourish and a beautiful new MODERN park get built that we will all get to enjoy soon; and then we walk to Penn Station or the parking lot and go home. All the while, local residents in the nearby area are being told they have dangerous levels of cancer-causing LEAD in their water; unsafe to cook with, dangerous to drink and brush their teeth with. These are largely middle class families like you and me, who pay their taxes, who pay their utility bills, and as these glass buildings and modern parks go up around their neighborhood, they’re being told, “sorry we haven’t replaced the lead cancer-causing water pipes, here’s some rationed bottle water!” When you think about it that way, it’s not hard to put ourselves in their shoes. Please don’t let this devolve into a political debate about which party did what; as a country we’ve slashed infrastructure spending and public works spending in our cities across the board over decades (so we can build highways and bridges and power plants in Iraq and Afghanistan), so which political party runs which city at any given time is largely irrelevant. After all is said and done, these funds need to be obtained from the federal government, so a whole lot of administrations have dropped the ball. [/politics] I’m not asking anyone to give money or volunteer or join the protestors. I just think we as Devils fans should be aware of this rather large issue that’s affecting the community. I’m sure the issue will continue and we may see protestors outside before the home opener, and I ask that we show them small signs of support; a thumbs up or honk as you drive by. The worst thing we can do is bus into the city for our 4 hour escapade to a Devils game once or twice a week and roll our eyes at them, resent them. Imagine how that’d look to these people. These are people whose children are drinking cancer-causing lead water, in a time where we’re debating how hard we want to make it for them to get healthcare when they grow up; you’d fight for your health and your kids too. Given some of the comments I’d seen from Devils fans during and after the VMAs, I feared that resentment or criticism might be the case, so (call me a hippie or whatever) I hoped that maybe better informing ourselves as members of the fanbase that call this city home, we can show up on home opening day and, not only understand where they’re coming from, but also show some level of support, and spread the word around the fanbase so our friends and family who put on the Devils jersey can be seen as allies, and not critics. Here is some more background if you’d like to read up: https://www.wired.com/story/first-flint-now-newark-the-water-crisis-is-far-from-over/
  17. If you're not in the area too often for any significant amount of time, I'd say your best bet for some great food and drinks is in the Ironbound 5 minute walk away (yes, it's safe), somewhere like Iberia Peninsula, Fornos of Spain, or one of my favorites, Adega Grill (great bar room too) is where it's at. I also like Portucale for some great Portuguese food (shrimp in garlic sauce, grilled octopus, grilled meat, etc.) which also has a bar and should be open late too. A lot of options around, and in my opinion, really quality options; if you dig Brazilian or general Iberian food, there's really nothing in the Northeast, in my opinion, that beats this slice of Newark. And they all have bars of different sizes and shapes if you're just looking to just hop around and get drinks. Iberia Peninsula has fun little outdoor area if the weather's nice too. That's all in addition to the bars immediately around the arenas too, which should be buzzing after the home opener.
  18. What I've seen happen with the Hall situation on the fans' end is the echo chamber effect. Enough people in enough corners of Twitter or Facebook groups are projecting enough anxiety at Hall not re-signing yet (and louder and louder), that people are convincing themselves Hall is expendable and should be traded ASAP. Slow your roll, people, it's still early August. Obviously, some real questions can be asked by November/December if he's not signed yet, but let's get to there first. The amount of people beating the drums for reasons we *should* trade Hall is insufferable. First Hart Trophy winner in a Devils uniform, and one of the best wingers we've ever had (still, despite an injury last season). You trust that our GM will lock it up within the next few months, and if he doesn't, plenty of time to say the sky is falling and talk about trade scenarios; not sure where the absolute URGENCY has come from all of a sudden within the fanbase, other than self-inflicted as a point of stress and paranoia, and lazy/dubious reporting of the trade talks by people on Twitter who in the end don't have a great handle on the talks one way or another, but need to harvest "clicks" to their sites for ad money.
  19. Seriously, I can't believe the center depth they're rolling out at the start of the season. I like Zibanejad, always have, but he's a 2C on a contending team. After that, it's Ryan Strome, and Lias Andersson...
  20. From your lips to god's ears
  21. Ehhh, until a few years ago, the extent of our player content and marketing were long awkward videos of exciting figures like Andy Greene and Bryce Salvador answering questions in a monotone voice about their favorite food and movies and stuff lol Jagr was the only person who made us relevant, and we clung to that. Even Parise was kind of a nerd, and Kovalchuk was just a quiet Russian, we haven't really had a personality in a long time.
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