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  1. Ray's first stop better be Hobby's, and then another Hobby's stop tonight for the road. Bulk up, kid!
  2. I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but the Hughes walk by Kakko and Kakko's facial expression is also potential gold.
  3. If the cops can be cool about fans drinking here before the games (and if we can keep it sort of respectful), this park is going to be really fun, total game changer Architscturally, the coolest part is that the park slopes up to meet the 2nd floor of the warehouse building they’re renovating. And the 2nd floor has these huge garage doors, double height ceilings and pavement that meets the park. It totally looks like there will be bars and restaurants with outdoor seating there, and like HUGE bars and restaurants..
  4. What a turnout by our fans, amazing setup by the team, they really transformed the plaza, had so much fun. Just leaving a White Castle in Jersey City, baked out of my mind, that’s how you know tonight was amazing and life as a Devils fan moving forward is going to be great, pivotal evening for the franchise. Also, the new park in front of the Rock is AMAZING, they did an incredible job, so well designed.
  5. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    4 hours away from undoubtedly a huge and defining moment for our franchise.
  6. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    I'm sure tix are probably still available, but in any case, if anyone needs a ticket to the draft party at The Rock tonight, let me know. A couple friends bailed, so I'm probably going solo, if anyone wants one of my other 3 tix. Might be down to meet up for a drink if people from NJDevs are meeting up in any capacity.
  7. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    This is what we like to call the ol' boys' club, where the laws of physics are suspended, and you can only fall upward. It's why Mike Milbury has a job, and it's why Chiarelli will always have one as well.
  8. What in god's name are you basing this on, jeez??? Do you really hate the guy that much that you're inventing things to dislike about him? And then getting mad about the thing you invented? haha Really?
  9. You're filling in those blanks, man lol don't think there's one thing that's ever come out of Shero's mouth that indicates he's "caving under the pressure of being a New Jersey GM"... these are just things we as lifelong fans can rationally point out as reality unfortunately. There's really not much to debate here on the matter of New Jersey not being the gold coast for free agents. You work around it, spend some extra money because money talks and bullsh!t walks, and it is what it is. Every GM is telling free agents they're building something great, and to trust them, etc...
  10. You can blow smoke up agents' and NHLers' butts as much as you want, all the bluster in the world won't suddenly put the state of New Jersey on the map in free agents' wishlists after almost 40 years of existence. We are not a unique and special snowflake of a state or a franchise, unfortunately. Shero or Lamoriello or Yzerman, or whoever wants to be our GM, that's not going to just change anytime soon. It is what it is.
  11. I would absolutely love PK Subban on this team, at now 30 years old, a bit wiser, a bit more mature, with a chip on his shoulder, and in a lower profile place he can put his head down and focus on being the best player possible. He absolutely strikes me as a player that will be more of an asset as a veteran than he was as the flashy "young star" making the headlines.
  12. To Shero's credit, I think he's shown signs of grasping this (with some of our social media initiatives, as well as internal things he's organized with upcoming prospects or team-building on the waterfront or in NYC), and Taylor Hall especially has been treated very well and has become a great spokesperson for the area, who would've known? Hall hasn't just been giving us lip-service about liking being a Devil, he's gone above and beyond what the Parises or Kovalchuks have all said about living in the area; we're biased of course, but many get the sense from Hall that he genuinely enjoys living here. Every Taylor Hall story on Instagram from his or Blake Coleman's rooftop pool looking at downtown Manhattan, or every pic from Carbone Restaurant or some Michelin-starred joint in New York, is visibility to the rest of the league's players that you can really find the good life here in northern Jersey. With social media and all these sponsorship deals, all star games, tournaments, etc., players are in more contact with each other than they've ever been, and they do talk about this stuff. Lucky for us, I think Hall is genuinely a fan of the area.
  13. I'm a big supporter of Shero so far, and even I agree. If we reach the end of the preseason and the totality of all moves we make is anything less than franchise-altering, I'll be the first to criticize Shero and stop "trusting the process." This is 100% his "sh!t or get off the pot" offseason, but waaaaay too many Devils fans aren't even letting us get to Draft Day without calling this upcoming season a failure already. People need to get on some meds or something.
  14. DJ Eco

    Hughes or Kakko

    But what bout that is inaccurate? WE know Jersey's great, and the players that end up here all kinds of ways (usually outside their control) end up loving it. But we're not a sexy destination for UFAs, and as a fanbase, for those who already haven't, we should adjust our expectations accordingly. Half the fanbase just fought each other the last 24 hours over this Trouba deal, about whether Shero dropped the ball; we NOW know it was yet another player who handicaps his team into trading him to the Rangers. We'll never be that team, no shame there, but we do need to adjust our expectations as far as free agents are concerned.
  15. Insanity is thinking there aren't 3-4 ways to acquire players and significantly strengthen our roster between now and like... September 27th; insanity is ignoring the fact that Shero has actually made those types of moves within that type of timeline, in recent years. Insanity is thinking we're a team that will sign 3-4 free agents on July 1. Spoiler alert: we won't. Free agents don't really like New Jersey, we've never been that team. So, knowing all of that ^ you're choosing to still set some arbitrary 2 week performance window and set your expectations high, and will come back here on July 2nd and probably argue with us about how Shero should be fired. It all just seems so unnecessary, I don't know man... you don't have to support the team this way... I'm not here to tell you what to do, but it doesn't need to be this stressful lol Speculation is fun, it's why we're all here, but when we're getting in arguments about stuff that hasn't happened yet, and stuff that has months to still happen, it just doesn't need to be this way.
  16. The best part is we already know, Dreger has said his trade list wasn't a 5-6 team list, but more like 1-2. It's obvious he wanted to go to the Rangers, and the deal happened. Same old story. We KNOW all of that now, and there's still a sizable portion of the Devils neurotic fanbase off their meds going crazy over this trade, still.
  17. No, he's actually got 3-4 months, you need to deprogram yourself from thinking this way, the amount of alarmism and hysteria in Devilsland this offseason is going to give everyone a heart attack. People need to relax. The amount of infighting I've seen (not referring to you, just in general) BECAUSE THE RANGERS MADE ONE GOOD TRADE is almost unbearable, we're obviously a damaged fanbase at this point.
  18. Do people really think like 3/4 of that list will be top 6 talent? Is there something special about this list other than a list of some other team's prospects? Sure, a bunch of them *may* all become good... just like any team...
  19. Skinner - fair. O'Reilly - if Colorado wanted a 1st in 2019, then that was obviously a non-starter for the Devils. We can't say "Yeah, but what if they would be okay with a 1st in 2020", because we can go down any number of rabbit-holes with that kind of logic. If they really wanted a 1st in 2019, we couldn't get O'Reilly. Trouba - same as the above; if Winnipeg wants a 1st round pick in 2019 that they gave away, because they know it's a deep 1st round, then we're completely out of the running; non-starter. If people want to pick out every good trade leaguewide made the previous year, and say the Devils should've been in on them, the logic really clearly says that no we could not. We simply could not match most of these packages, because we could not provide a 1st in 2019. Offering a 1st in 2020 instead brings the value of our return down, and everyone who can offer a 1st is instantly ahead of us in the running. It's really that simple. Agreed, and I think every rational fan agrees with that timeline. 2018-2019 was obviously the year of non-moves and no-trades to set up for a big offseason in summer 2019. We're here, and I think until the week before the season starts is how long we'll need to fully evaluate the job Shero is doing. There are fans calling for his firing after this Rangers trade, the hysteria I'm seeing is ridiculous, when did we become Montreal?
  20. Other than Palmieri, we simply haven't had those caliber pieces to flip, so any comparison between the two that veers toward Shero-criticism is getting upset over an apples-to-oranges view of the two teams. Not one Devils player reached the points total Kevin Hayes did last season, but people are getting upset over returns Gorton was able to turn Hayes into being better than Shero's returns? That's just dumb.
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