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  1. The Draft Day party is just around the corner and I can't wait! I didn't go last year but I was wondering if anyone did and bought items? How much were the sticks, gloves etc going for last year? I just need to know so I could bring the right amount of cash with me. GO DEVILS!
  2. Thanks for the Warm welcome! Here's to you and the Devils!
  3. Hi Everyone! I just wanted to drop by and say Hello to all my fellow New Jersey Devil Fans! I've been a casual fan of the Devils since the late 80s and when they won the 2000 Stanley Cup I became more of a full time fan. I even got my wife who never in her life watched hockey to become a Devils fan now too! Even when we lived in Florida from 2003 to last April 2007, we were still watching the Devils play every game thanks to NHL Center Ice. When we moved back to New Jersey we subconsciously bought a home near a train station in anticipation for the home games at the Rock! lol Anyway, thanks for reading this and I'm happy to be here to celebrate our Devils! Thanks! JOhn Let's Go Devils!
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