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    Wow. Thought for sure it would have been over 5 mil per. Great deal
  2. pretty even deal if you ask me. Larsson is trending upward and good skating defenseman are hard to come by. At the same time, scoring is at a premium and hall has elite talent. Best of luck Lars, been fun watching you become a good d man. Welcome Taylor, Rico is waiting for you hahaha
  3. I was hoping Henrique but I'm happy for Greene. He's long been a steady, underrated player.
  4. I'm trying to remain optimistic. This group could surprise people if some chemistry works out. I also like the attitude Tlusty has already: http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2015/09/jiri_tlusty_dont_write_me_or_the_devils_off_this_s.html
  5. Bernier has been great. I'm just still trying to get over his boarding call in the cup Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Cory has had a few underwhelming performances and he will give up some bad goals but tonight he showed his legitimacy. Is he an elite top 5 guy?? Maybe not. But he can still improve and he's a guy we can definitely win with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Surprising. He hasn't had a great year but has definitely been playing better lately. I would've picked Jagr? Henrique?
  8. Always loved Patty. Underrated star for a long time. Congrats and thanks for all the dedication and loyalty.
  9. Finally an entertaining game. Fools gold however
  10. Classic Devils fringe guy. He's well rounded enough to play in place of an injured regular but he's so far from skilled it's hilarious. He's blue collar, works for every inch and usually makes the right play. I don't hate him, it's just not a good sign for the franchise if he's the first guy you call up
  11. I really empathize with those perennial losing organizations. When the team sucks, it makes the games hard to watch and the season seem looooong
  12. He's got great hands and shot but doesn't do much else well. With a good playmaker he can be more useful but we obviously don't have that guy
  13. He's getting paid very well so I don't think it will bug him too much. I feel sorry that he gets a lot of blame though. This team doesn't even have one top pair worthy defenseman.
  14. I think he's good enough to win with but he doesn't seem to be in the top goaltender group
  15. Kinkaid has looked NHL ready with this small sample size. Real happy for him. He seems to really have a competitive style. I don't wanna get my hopes up but it's great to see
  16. Hey Damon, take your time in recovery. No need to rush back
  17. If you read bleacher regularly you'd know that a lot of people call him bozo. He's not a very good writer....but to each his own.
  18. Even though Dave Bozo is usually a hack it's a good article. Pretty much everything a good devils fan already knows.
  19. Larsson is and was the right pick for us. If only we had the right coaching staff and kept him in the fvcking lineup
  20. Gelinas is so bad on defense wtf
  21. Surprised his smooth hands aren't getting another look. We priced him out of the league.
  22. It hits me every game. I subconsciously think we're not that far from contending but we're bad
  23. Agree. Would love Simmonds on this team at the same time though
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