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  1. pretty even deal if you ask me. Larsson is trending upward and good skating defenseman are hard to come by. At the same time, scoring is at a premium and hall has elite talent. 

    Best of luck Lars, been fun watching you become a good d man. 

    Welcome Taylor, Rico is waiting for you hahaha 

  2. Cory has had a few underwhelming performances and he will give up some bad goals but tonight he showed his legitimacy. Is he an elite top 5 guy?? Maybe not. But he can still improve and he's a guy we can definitely win with.

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  3. Classic Devils fringe guy. He's well rounded enough to play in place of an injured regular but he's so far from skilled it's hilarious. He's blue collar, works for every inch and usually makes the right play.

    I don't hate him, it's just not a good sign for the franchise if he's the first guy you call up

  4. Washington Just a better as simple as that.

    How would you like to be Cory knowing you are stuck with this type of team for the next few years

    He's getting paid very well so I don't think it will bug him too much.

    I feel sorry that he gets a lot of blame though. This team doesn't even have one top pair worthy defenseman.

  5. You just just changed Lozo to Bozo....and then called someone a hack.

    Lozo is a solid hockey writer. He's smart and writes well. He just acts like a complete fool on twitter.

    The drafting has been bad, but the signings of Greene, Oduya and Clarkson were great. Unfortunately, we haven't seen anything like that for 7-8 years.

    If you read bleacher regularly you'd know that a lot of people call him bozo. He's not a very good writer....but to each his own.

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