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    its a shame that any devils fan (even me, i admit it) even entertains the thought of shelling out all the cash and prospects and draft picks to pick up a injury prone albeit very young and talented guy like gaborik. it just goes to show you how starved we are for a high scoring team a la 2000. but with my better judgment i will pass on this guy because you know he would be injured a lot esp. the way the devils style is.
  2. um yeah..lets face it folks, the rags cant be terrible forever. they have a very talented team, fact. sustained chemistry is another thing. dubinsky is a budding superstar, staal (unlike what rosen/micheletti said about him) will not be anywhere near a lidstrom simply because of his lack of offense.he will never be the brian leetch that they are praying for. he will however be a top shutdown guy for many years so dont expect lidstrom/chara type points out of him. then you have guys like dawes and prucha who i think will both be dealt in the near future. gomez is a great playmaker and it still sickens me to see him in that horrible rags sweater. naslund will get some goals but it nowhere near his 2000-2003 days. zherdev will be a 30 goal guy max. redden is solid and overpriced. finally lundqvist is a very good goalie. cant deny it. 3 straight years as a vezina finalist, gold medal, yadda yadda yadda. the speculation over his knees is a little ridiculous however he plays so deep you can tell the wear and tear it will take on his knees so dont expect any longevity to his greatness like weve had with marty.
  3. Leblond will def. be sure to keep Avery in check. Maybe Leblond can show a little offensive prowess to go along with his toughness? wishful thinking maybe
  4. poor kovalchuk. great player stuck in a terrible hockey market with a terrible team
  5. good article. thanks for the post, girl
  6. indeed. the two old veterans getting hurt early on. hopefully this isnt a sign of things to come.
  7. wow holik and rolston both out. keep in mind how long crosby was out even at his age when his body heals quicker than a 35 year old brian rolston. it will be a least until early december judging from the pain he was in
  8. you should be pumped hes considering coming overseas i guess. hes still very raw apparently but then again he is russian
  9. I wish Daneyko was on the ice to elbow Voros in the face. Too late for PLLL to take Clarksons spot?
  10. oconnellrules


    maybe we'll score more goals this year. maybe the PP will improve (eventually). but one thing is for sure, the Devils vs. Rangers looked exactly the fvcking same as it did last year. arg.
  11. very tragic. He was looking to be the next great Russian in the NHL. RIP Alexei
  12. oconnellrules


    idk he looks like he may have found a niche in NY. The fvcking Rags look pretty good this year. Better than last year. And we look eerily similar.
  13. its a damn shame. not so much he didnt catch on with the devs but the fact that with his body type and potential he couldnt make it in the NHL. ill have a shot of Popov in his honor. happy trails, fedor
  14. oconnellrules

    Zach Parise

    I am watching the preseason games and the first 2 reg season and one glaring observation needs to be discussed. the weight ( apparently 6 lbs of muscle) that Zach put on in the offseason has definitely made a difference. He is stronger on the puck and seems to be a little quicker. All things considered, how good do you think he can get? I will go out on a limb and say he will have at least one 50 goal year and a few 40 goal seasons during his career. He is that good.
  15. who is avery never heard of him or her/ suzy kolber is ten times hotter than nichols.
  16. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=385590 makes me hate the Flyers even more. sorry to bring political views into Devils Hockey discussion but WTF?! She is a disgrace.
  17. how about the "how long will rupp even last on this line before his lack of consistent offense, toughness, and skill gets him scratched" line
  18. i cant go to opening night for i will be in NYC seeing Beck perform at the United Palace Theater. But I will certainly be at many more games this year. Hopefully Marty takes the all-time wins lead at a home game!!!!!!!!!!!!
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