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  1. theres no time for tutoring. we need to win now. learn on the fly. Mottau? Hes filler. hes too old to be anything other than a steady 5th or 6th. Martin and Salvador have to be the top pair; Martin the puck mover and Salvador the shut down guy. Just like the 2nd pair, White shut down and Oduya puck mover.
  2. martin-salvador oduya-white mottau-salmela greene,brookbank
  3. i like him i guess i was hoping to see a little more skill. hes terrible handling the puck and gets knocked off his skates pretty easily. hes a good pest, he can def. get under anyones skin. hes not a great fighter (he mostly plays defense). i wouldnt be upset if he was involved in a trade or package deal. What does Clarkson have that PLLL doesn't?
  4. yeah hes pretty clutch. thats it. some nights you cant tell hes on the ice.
  5. come on PLLL I'm PuLLLing for you hahahah lol hahahaha lol rofl ahahaha
  6. what do you think of Anissi Salmela, your fellow countryman?
  7. his style is def not good for his knees. he wont touch the longevity of a career like hmmm lets say, Martin Brodeur.
  8. its hard to explain, but for some reason I wanted him to make the team. I feel like he could be a very good NHL player, he has the body and skill set but i guess mentally he cant hack. he is a true bust. i was hoping this would play out like the Mannings in the NFL. Peyton = Sergei, Fedor = Eli Go GIANTS, beat the Seahawks!
  9. he lives on combs hollow rd in mendham nj, i see daneyko all the time.
  10. AGREE 100% I voted for Salvador becuase we need to rely on him to be the #1 shut down guy (White cant be it because he doesnt skate as well and his eye apparently is a factor. But at the same token I would also want to vote Martin because we cant think Salmela is gonna come in a net 10-15 goals. We need a good offensive year from Paul, which I think we'll get.
  11. gionta seems to be skating better and better with the puck IMO
  12. i wish fedorov wasnt such a prick otherwise hed be a lock
  13. Its undoubtedly Elias. 20 goals from this guy last year was very unacceptable. He should have played with a big chip on his shoulder after losing the "C" to Langs. I look for him to have a much better year. The 1st line looked good vs. the Rags. I expect an 75 point season from Patty.
  14. is this a legit hockey league, can we hit and stuff?
  15. http://www.2manadvantage.com/ theres the banner
  16. There was a part of me that really wanted the devils to pick him up at the deadline last year or sometime during the summer. But he is another aging forward and we already signed two.
  17. is everyone kidding?! vrana still isnt strong enough on the puck. i dont think hes quite ready for the NHL.
  18. hooray for sergei. thanks for the memories. good luck in future endeavors.
  19. FORWARDS: Holik - 14g 27a 41pts Rolston - 30g 32a 62pts Parise - 35g 40a 75pts Elias - 33g 42a 75pts Gionta - 25g 25a 50pts Langenbrunner 24g 21a 45pts Zubrus 20g 24a 44pts Zajac 23g 23a 46pts Madden 20g 19a 39pts Pandolfo 15g 17a 32pts Clarkson 8g 10a 18pts Rupp 5g 5a 10pts Fedorov anyone have a clue? DEFENSE: Martin 11g 23a 34pts Oduya 10g 17a 27pts Salvador 4g 14a 18pts White 2g 8a 10pts Mottau 7g 15a 22pts heres to hoping!
  20. 1. Brodeur 2. Stevens 3. Daneyko 4. Niedermayer 5. Muller 6. MacLean 7. Elias 8. Sundstrom 9. Lemieux 10. Parise* wish i could put guys like Gomez, Rafalski, Holik, Rolston, Arnott, Sykora, and Souray on here but its Lou's ice we all just skate on it.
  21. 82-0 is unfathomable. I wish I could see it. Not only were those Bulgarian women shut out; they did not register one shot! Just brutal.
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