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  1. way too go zach. maybe next year he'll be on the All-Star ballot instead of a write in!
  2. Sean: "Scottie too Hottie, lets get out of here and go make out..." Scott: "Oh yes!, I'm quite the tonsil hockey player, just you wait!"
  3. No way. Ovechkin plays with an edge and is very exciting. Remember his amazing performance when he broke his nose and got stitches on his face? 4 goals and 1 assist. Crosby lacks that type toughness.
  4. I know Crosby is an incredible talent but you have to be blind if you dont see how much of a pansy he is and all the calls he gets. Jagr had a funny post game comment about it.
  5. how about the fact this is a DEFENSIVE forward award. The offensive numbers should not factor in so much, no?
  6. Thats what I mean. Marty was mad at himself for getting unnerved. You could see it in his face. The whole Avery/Brodeur feud got so blown up and he got grilled on it all season and into the playoffs. This is where Marty misses Scott Stevens. Stevens would have killed Avery if he even looked at Marty wrong. We dont have a bona fide regulator on the team, so Avery ran wild and was even banging hookers after games.
  7. Avery is a loser. Jagr wears a dress. Scott Gomez is gutless.
  8. Unfortunately, Havlat should never come to New jersey. And while I like the notion of he and Elias playing together (fellow countrymen, good friends, etc.) the guy just cant stay healthy. We would give up a lot for him just to be on the IR. Jokinen is a good pick but I would prefer someone a tad younger who we can give a nice contract length in return for some very productive years past when Marty leaves (sniff sniff)
  9. Or Sindy Cry-baby as all the non-Pens fans know him. It was a very sad display of playoff officiating tonight in the Rags/Pens game. While I am loathing the Rags more than ever after this year of superiority over the Devils; it made me sick to see the preferential treatment that Crosby gets from the refs. I think they first one was Dubinsky for tripping when Crosby actually just fell. And the glaring one down the stretch by Marty Straka which was not nearly bad enough to make the call in that situation or time of the game. Bad Bad Bad. At the same time the Rags blew a 3-0 lead and choked yet again. Keep complaining about bad goals Ranger players and fans. Or maybe Hank the Skank should actually save one once in a while. Playing so deep with huge ass leg pads? no more excuses. Ovechkin > Crosby
  10. its great to watch the Rags choke. 3-0. tsk tsk. The Pens have a lot of firepower, I think it will take them at MOST 6. Although, Jagr is playing really well so you never know. Crosby does get preferential treatment.
  11. I havent watched a ton of Detroit but from what I have gathered is that Datsyuk is amazing and while Zett is very good as well, Datsyuk is the more talented of the two. His numbers are staggering, and Zetterberg reaps a lot of those benefits. Not to mention they have a #1 like Lidstrom to rely on. Madden is my choice. (maybe Im biased)
  12. Avery is somehow like Terrell Owens. Only rather than being a total nuisance and distraction, he somehow helps the Blueskirts win games. He gets way too much credit on a loaded team. Gary Roberts of the Pitt. Pens said it right when he said, "There are like 8 or 9 guys on that team you have to worry about before you get to Sean Avery." Thats why Marty was so pissed after game 5. He let this little sh!thead of a player get in his head and his play suffered.
  13. cool pics thanks for posting. the NHL needs fans, frontrunners, bandwagoners, or loyals. The NHL needs viewership.
  14. hes got nothing left to prove although he is not very old. i still feel burned by him, gomez, and rafalski. #27 belongs to Mottau now! hahahahaha
  15. very deserving, congrats johnny! how are his chances at winning, sounds like datsyuk is the fav?
  16. I didnt think he was so bad. Rachunek is pretty young still (28) and he did some good things. He had a few really nice goals this year when he actually did play. Same with Asham if we could sign him for cheap and get him motivated on the 4th line I think his toughness and his hard slapshot are assets.
  17. oconnellrules


    Madden def. should of been captain, and I think Sutter knows this now. Buth e will def. not go back on his word. Let Langs rest up so he can play a full season next year. We will be better guys, you gotta believe.
  18. Jokinen, Rolston, Malone, Langkow, Vrbata???? How about Jay Bouwmeester from Florida??? Good puck mover/PP dman
  20. why is everyone so down on gionta? as soon as you actually get a replacement for rafalski his numbers are due to go up again. our point play was weak all year. gio's forte is burying loose pucks in front of the net. i like asham as a 4th liner too. hes tough and has a nice slapshot. sarge - its been great time for you to gracefully bow out. clarkson needs to be stronger on the puck and get a little stronger. zajac is a bust, i wouldnt miss him a lot. weekes sucks and needs to go. i think they might actually rest marty more next year and by more i mean like 10 games haha. elias is not a center. get a pivot man/scoring center and elias will flourish again. get back jason arnott!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Lets be honest here folks. Marty played subpar hockey vs. the Rangers. He was way out of the net and out of position and let in a lot of soft goals. Most notably to Marc Staal and completely let him off the hook for his Madden OT GWG gaffe.
  23. What do we think around here? Olli Jokinen? Daymond Langkow? Bobby Holik? Pascal Dupuis? Marian Hossa? Ryan Malone? Kristian Huselius? Brian Rolston? Radim Vrbata? Mark Streit? Mike Commodore? Jay Bouwmeester? Who are the best fits for this team and could realistically end up here? We know we need a playmaker/scorer and a good puck moving d-man. (which will help Gionta's numbers go up most notably!) I really hope I don't have to lose faith in Lou after this offseason. Pandolfo is a must sign. I saw some anti-Pandolfo posts on here but lets be honest Pando's numbers would have been very similar to John Maddens if he hadnt gotten hurt. He was off to a great start on both sides of the puck, and I feel like he didntget his legs back after it. (Pubic bone injury??!! ouch) No offense to Langenbrunner, but he doesnt seem to confident as the leader of this team. John Madden needs that C on his chest. John Madden - C Patrik Elias - A Zach Parise - A Jamie Langenbrunner - A
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