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  1. I've hated shootouts long before we sucked at them. But now I REALLY hate them
  2. What're they gonna do when Ellliot returns if Marty is playing this well???
  3. It's a shame the Havlat experiment isn't working out either
  4. It's not a shot at the Devils per se. More a shot at Lou for not drafting and/or cultivating young talent
  5. No of course not. In fact, I'm one of his biggest supporters. I know he can be elite and I'm clamoring for him to show it. Making saves he's not supposed to make, controlling rebounds etc. It's a tall task considering his current roster but he's capable
  6. Find that rebound Cory! I guess we just don't wanna ever score on the empty net???? fvcking pisses me off
  7. And he's never afraid to shoot. We're a team full of guys that are annoyingly pass first even when they should shoot
  8. It's a shame this season has gone this way because I love Cammalleri. He's always in the middle of good scoring chances.
  9. Shame the way the team/game is now and there's no one stepping up to fight for Jagr.
  10. The scouts are also to blame. Not just Lou
  11. On the bright side, we are building character as a fanbase. There are far worse franchises in this league and quite frankly we are lucky to be a part of one that has achieved success. Don't forget that.
  12. On top of everything, daneyko and Cangialosi are awful. I even tried muting the TV and listening to the radio but it was like a minute behind the telecast. Ugh
  13. Elias shoot it!!!! I know you've lost your shot but c'mon
  14. How about we move Ruutu into a scoring line, Pete?
  15. Lou has fired better coaches for less....what's going on here???
  16. Cammalleri rules. Could have a hat trick if Zajac puts that pass on the tape. What happened to Andy Greene? Not necessarily playing bad, you just never notice him
  17. If he gets signed and does well it only further validates his time here. I'll be rooting for him to win a cup.
  18. How are we so bad vs. an empty net?!?!?
  19. Valiquette sounds a little light in the trousers
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