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  1. if only #4 was playing in this series. he wouldve never let that sh!t happen to marty. scotty woulda ended his fvcking career. avery is trash
  2. oconnellrules

    The Fans

    i agree here. i was at game 1 and sitting near a lot of rangers fans. i have a loud voice and was very loud but with no support come 2nd/3rd period i was hoarse. we have a lot to be loud and proud of. we have marty for god sake! best goalie ever! 3 cups
  3. we got one...3 more to go great post, its a shame its just a post and not a speech. this should get tacked to the top of the forum for the remainder of the series!!!
  4. check my signature, he embodies devils hockey! no offense to langs or elias, madden shoulda been captain!
  5. lets be honest here guys. the d does make some key bonehead plays that have costs some big games. but how can we let the offense off the hook?! there has to be a limit reached here. the offense has top be able to bail out marty and the defense by scoring a fvcking goal!!!!!!! jesus the powerplay has looked beyond pathetic in these 2 games (and all season). weve made a mediocre ranger team with no chemistry and a decent goalie who plays so goddamn deep its boring as hell, look like a cup contender! what gives? where is our captain #15???? has he even shown up yet????
  6. come on cant people see that marty rarely gets beat, he is burned by a less than impressive defensive unit that plays well and lapses at big moments. look at against the rangers on the 19th, they would have cruised to a 1-0 win and a bad mistake on D by Sheldon Brookbank allows Drury to bang in an easy goal. Go to the replay, Im surprised Sutter didnt scratch Brookbank the next game.
  7. http://brodeurisafraud.blogspot.com/ this moron has got a real jealousy issue
  8. havlat and elias could have possibly made an electrifying duo; fellow countrymen and good friends off the ice. havlat cannot play a full season though
  9. I was just thinking about the off season trade move that still baffles me and maybe someone can help explain. Lou proposed John Madden for Bobby Holik and the Thrashers denied??!! I had a hard time believing it when I first saw it, but I am so glad Atlanta shot it down. While I loved Holik while he was in NJ, he has been on a steady decline with injuries to boot. Madden is a Selke candidate every year and is having a great offensive season. No offense to Elias, Langenbrunner, or anyone else on the team, but John Madden (to me) was a no-brainer to be captain. He is the poster boy for what Devils hockey has always been about; hard-nosed, intense, smart hockey. Anyone hear me on this?
  10. didnt anyone hear the great one chico had about ovechkin the other night "Alexander Ovechkin could make a salad out of dandelions and crab grass." classic.
  11. there was no creativity last night...luongo saw every puck and never looked out of sync. where is patrik elias? if hes on a big decline or not, hes gotta do SOMETHING at least every few games. 6 goals in 34 games is pathetic. the defense looks really bad and slow sometimes. colin white and paul martin are the only two i have good confidence in. where is travis zajac?
  12. first off, as long as they're winning games; patrik doesnt care about goals and neither do i. second, when is travis zajac gonna come into his own? i know hes very young but someone has to replace gomez (hate to say it). my boy zach parise cant do everything.
  13. they would have to overpay for him but lets face it. this team cannot make a good -layoff run without another good defender. colin white and paul martin are the only two i have utmost confidence in. Rachunek is having a good year but some of his decisions are still suspect. Mottau is prone to mistakes but has been playing well, Johnny Oduya is pretty bad. And most disappointing would have to be Vishnevski who I hoped would play a lot better for us. Schneider would come at a price but he would be a huge defensive boost.
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