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  1. C'mon Clemmensen is horrendous. Can't put that ALL on him but jeez
  2. We are awful vs the empty net jesus
  3. Clemmensen is not the answer as a #2
  4. Tale of two periods...looked beyond horrible in the 1st. Solid 2nd.
  5. Clowe needs to give his head a rest and retire for his family
  6. We haven't drafted well enough to make a deal like this unfortunately.
  7. Cammalleri and Severson have been the only bright spots this year. Never thought I'd tire of seeing Elias out there but wow has he lost his shot or what!?
  8. Does anyone think Gomez will be signed??? Sad to say we could use his speed and playmaking but he doesn't help in the toughness dept.
  9. Gotta take some speed out of the lineup!!! Duh
  10. Cammalleri is better than advertised. We know about his injury issues but he's the total package and fun to watch
  11. Cammalleri Zajac Jagr Elias Henrique Havlat then who the fvck knows
  12. brace yourselves. Rangers are gonna win the cup. Puke and Lundqvist is gonna win Conn Smythe....
  13. Ryder is paid to do one thing: put the puck in the net. otherwise hes generally useless (not very fast, losing puck battles, etc)
  14. who should we take with that pick? I say the 30th best player.
  15. i feel bad for Marty here. a lot of this stems from the outdoor game when he was hung out to dry on all those 2 and 3 on 1s.
  16. Cory should play tmrw and Marty should play Saturday. (Mostly because I'm going Saturday and I want to enjoy these last Marty games before he retires)
  17. why not send a dman to Carolina with Lokti (Sal, Volly) and get a low pick? or nothing? weird.
  18. everyone relax. can we see how he fits in before we go into meltdown mode? its an intriguing move to say the least.
  19. oconnellrules

    We Got Rutuu

    i like this move. brings more toughness we need. is he fast? no but he should fit nicely. were not built for speed and tuomo makes us more of a bitch to play against
  20. oconnellrules

    We Got Rutuu

    yessss always liked his game
  21. i wouldn't say that. couldn't give him away for nothing so it had to be mutually beneficial
  22. rangers lost a lot of toughness here. st Louis scores but in the playoffs you need guys like Callahan. nash Richards and st Louis are all softies
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