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  1. All the Lou hate is hilarious  I love how people are sucking his dick one moment, then ready to divorce him the second he doesn't do exactly what they want.


    Is anyone actually looking at the activity today?  It was light and low this year LEAGUE-WIDE.  It's a buyers market, and if you scan any other teams you'll see people saying the exact same thing.  Players weren't getting big returns, so it's no surprise to see that guys we wanted moved (Salvador, Volchenkov) weren't moved.  We also don't have a lot to give up right now, because if we wanted a Moulson or Vanek teams would've no doubt wanted Henrique or Larsson, and people would've really sh!t a brick to see his name mentioned.  

    agree. and welcome to njdevs.

  2. i like this move. brings more toughness we need. is he fast? no but he should fit nicely. were not built for speed and tuomo makes us more of a bitch to play against

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