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  1. Im not a big stats/numbers guy (especially with Marty still able to win games) but how can he not realize hes just a backup now? Hes making a mistake by wanting to be traded. Just come back next year as back up, get 700 wins and ride off into the sunset...
  2. if this actually happens, I hope Lou makes a package out of it with Volchenkov or something
  3. while there is truth to the statement, isn't it at least partially due to personnel??? we're pretty old and lack team speed. if we had more speed and skill, I like to think that the style of play would cater to that.
  4. i ordered one from sportsk and im having them do the customization. should I be worried????
  5. our PP has been bad since Rafalski left. so while its frustrating, im used to it now.
  6. explain to me how Pittsburgh was ever in play for Lundqvist??? how could they ever have afforded him??? by buying out Fleury??
  7. exactly. and therein lies the problem. worries me about our ability to lock Cory up.
  8. at least Rask won a cup to somewhat justify his contract! haha
  9. they really had no choice after Rask ran the market up but he hasn't won anything. only one deep playoff run and hes almost 32. cant help but laugh. cue the long term injury!
  10. Great question as I am seeking an Elias Green and Red
  11. I might just make mine a Sykora somehow...I am ashamed of myself for not going for an Elias but what can I say I was pretty excited when we signed Kovalchuk. He was one of my favorite non-Devils so I guess that clouded my judgement. I already have the requisite Marty so I will now be getting my Elias....sorry Patty, Ill never betray you again for Russian scum
  12. I have a feeling Clowe will endear himself to the fans pretty quickly. He will be deserving of an A soon before long I think. He will be very important to this teams success. But Travis has earned it
  13. hopefully malkin and ovechkin follow him to russia
  14. what about grabovski? hes fast and skilled and is defensively responsible
  15. THIS is why you sign Rod Pelley! genius Lou, GENIUS! Ilya who?
  16. Indeed. As soon as I heard about this contract I thought of Lundqvist. Theres no reason to think he wont be looking for more than this.
  17. i was always pining for a elias-jagr duo back in the day...2 of the smarter players to every play the game. at the right price I say hell yeah, but at this point whats the point? theres enough age on this team already. unfortunately this is about 5 years too late.
  18. dreger is reporting that Michael Ryder is deciding between BOS and NJ
  19. I always loved Lecavalier but hes got a lot of miles and injuries to his name. hes 33 but athletically like 36 or 37. right price, of course id love him here, but someone will overvalue him.
  20. crazy. I actually feel pretty bad for Toronto/Canada. On the bright side, the Rangers have a tougher opponent in the Bruins than the Leafs. Hard to watch Washington squander Ovechkins talent year after year.
  21. C'mon. If you are a true Devils fan, this guy is like Marty. You love him and want him to be a top priority in FA. He is still producing. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'll say 2 years 9 million like Marty. We've all taken this guy for granted at some point, but he is still playing so well at his age. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooo hockey smart its ridiculous.
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