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  1. Parise :blahblah:  Get over it, I am sick of tired of seeing that guys name on here. He, as an individual, left to go home. Nothing could have changed his mind.

    Umm it wouldn't have been an issue if we gave him years rather than a 1 year? Just saying. I for one am not totally surprised at how this season has gone as a result

  2. Definitely watching them play and hearing from Ponikarovsky after the second period...it's pretty clear they are just an old team, who understand exactly what's happening and therefore they're just rolling with it. I'm not blaming the age for the way they're losing recently, but I just feel like if there were a stronger infusion of young blood into the core the team wouldn't be outside the playoff picture right now.

    Bringing in Loktionov and D'Agostini were steps in the positive direction...but the future looks a little scary since our drafting outside of defense has been so weak recently...

    ...There's definitely going to be some drama in NJ in the next few years between goalie turnover, free agency and what happens with the playoffs in the next few years. Guess it's exciting?

    Yes. it is exciting. We are on the brink of a very new and different era for the Devils. Sad? yes. But definitely exciting as well.

  3. Chico finally got real after the game when he talked about how the Devils have made 'certain' (average at best I think he meant) goalies look like legends. We outshoot and outplay teams and have nothing to show for it. He also reluctantly admitted how we lack the high end skill to finish when we need to. This team works fvcking hard to win every battle but that only takes you so far. Sometimes goals have to come easy and they just never do for this team. Chico always tries to sugarcoat things and be an optimist so I love that he got real because I agree entirely.

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  4. damn id love to have j-bouw. I see a lot of hate for him on hockey sites and whatnot. ive always liked his skill set and I don't think hes ever really been in a system to where he can flourish. his cap hit is high but the guy can play. the blues are gonna love him I think.


    POWERPLAY help if nothing else!!!!!!!!! cmon guys you saw it tonight. looks very anemic. remember getting an old rental shanahan??? it would be like that but better.


    only at the right price obviously.

  5. its a great move for them. by now we've seen the formula theyre going with and it works. with the heavy contracts of malkin/Crosby/fleury, they fill their roster very well with young talent and aging veterans.


    because lets face it, Crosby and Malkin can have chemistry with ANYONE

  6. are you serious with these threads? everyone is so fvcking in love with goals and assists. Zubie does all the unsung sh!t like winning battles along the boards and creating space for his teammates. This thread MAY have made sense 4 years ago, but not now.


    good grief. delete this thread and the bench kovy one.

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  7. this is the dumbest thread of all time. are you even watching the games? cmon bro. hes creating chances like whoa and being a GREAT teammate. Hes become an all-around great player. He even gave up an empty netter last night to give someone else the goal.


    pay attention.

  8. i agree. it definitely is weird seeing him in another sweater and i still cant believe he left. We were 2 wins from a cup......if we had won, i would totally understand why he would leave to go home. but we were so close and ill never fully understand his logic. it just totally sucks.

    he better NEVER come close to sniffing the cup ever again.

    I will boo him whenever he plays at the Rock again.

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