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  1. AK and the Devils aren't a perfect fit. Lou won't sign a guy who was out drinking late into the night while his squad was still very much in the playoffs and race for the cup. You don't change that kind of behavior. If he wasn't committed then why will he suddenly be committed here? Hell no. Keep potential locker room cancers out.

    Ken Daneyko.

  2. I still havent gone on a rampage and add everyone other than the ones who followed me but i will get on it... My favorite singer died today and im so crushed and bummed that i litterally havent done anything other than listen to his band all day long.

    Tony Sly, No Use For a Name?

  3. i thought we were supposed to be cup contenders???

    well not to say we cant make the playoffs but you gotta replace a captain for fvcks sake!!!!

    zach didnt score like we all wanted him to in the playoffs but we dont get to the SCF without him.

    there better be a lockout next year, unfortunately.

  4. It does make me wonder how much players consider that when going to the Rangers.. "hmmm the coach wants me to put my face in front of pucks and will scream his head off at me all the time.. sign me up"


    tortorellas style is their issue. cant wait til nash breaks his face eating kovalpuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Players still haven't got the message that playing for an organization like the Devils increases their value come free agent time.


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