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  1. So I FINALLY accepted nmigliore's invite for the NJDevs OTP club. I played with MB for two games last night. We got the club's first win! In 2 games, I believe MB scored 3 goals and recorded an assist, while I scored 1 and had an assist. Note that MB stole my upcoming penalty shot and scored! Let's get some big games going!
  2. Please let me know how that goes--how much he's charging and how all that works out. I definitely planned on getting the MP3 CD off Metallica's website. A video would be amazing! EDIT: Just listened to a few of the YouTube videos. I noticed under the information box, it said DVDs will have "soundboard audio." The picture is pretty damn good, but the YouTube audio sounds like the concert was recorded in a combination of a tin can and a men's bathroom. What's the deal?
  3. Not tonight. But...I AM GOING TOMORROW!!!!!
  4. nah, i never got an invite. or at least it wasn't in my "player hub" or whatever.
  5. I'm down for doing a NJDEVS OTP TEAM like last year.
  6. Cracker5


    lol no. you actually know where you're going to apply, unlike everyone else i've talked to!
  7. Cracker5


    Thanks for the advice. Yes, Loyola in MD. It's funny you mention Quinnipiac, because I am applying there as well. I'm asking for teacher recommendations this week, and like you said, have my deadlines all picked out. I'm feeling pretty organized after talking to a bunch of my friends about colleges.
  8. I agree that we didn't line up and play Bill Parcells, smash mouth football. But I loved Henning's creativity. We needed a spark on offense, because when we did line up in a normal set, it wasn't working. All in all, the execution sucked yesterday. Oh, and since when did Mike Mularkey become a half-way decent play caller? And yeah, like I said before our offensive line better start playing like it makes $155 million. That's so awesome that you're going to the MNF game in Miami! LUCKY! LGD.
  9. Cracker5

    Madden 10

    800 microsoft points?! i'm in an online franchise, and haven't heard of such a thing. but maybe that's because i'm not the commissioner? i'm going to be the dolphins if this league is going to happen...
  10. Cracker5

    Madden 10

    it's cool bro. you're prob just as busy with school as i am.
  11. Cracker5

    Madden 10

    what's going on with this? i would love to join, like the nhl09 team. xbox 360 gt: reck1essABAND0N
  12. First, I agree about your analysis on Chad's arm. He can throw the ball 60 yards. I've seen him do it. May I mention that flea-flicker to Ted Ginn at the Jets game last December? But you're right, he lacks zip. He's all about those "touch" passes. But the thing that concerned me today was Atlanta has one of the worst pass defenses in the league, or at least they did last year. On the contrary, at least as a Dolphin he tends to rise to his best play against the better defenses. He carved up the Patriots twice, the Ravens during the regular season, and the Jets. We'll see what Chad can do next week against the Colts, who only allowed 6 passing TDs last season--but I'm assuming that stat is distorted since their run d was so bad.
  13. Cracker5


    Well, don't feel bad because I got a 1170, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Man, I'm really stressing out. Like MB, I'm a senior in high school and realize that applying to colleges is right around the corner. Similarly, I've heard it's a lot of work to apply from my guidance counselor and others. Marist College, Saint Joseph's University, Loyola University, Univeristy of Miami, Ramapo College are just some of the schools I'm going to apply to. I've already applied to Fordham University online, and they waived the application fee. These are some pretty prestigious schools IMO, and I just am hoping they're not too out of my reach. Yes, my SAT scores suck. I'm not a good standardized test taker--I never have been, and never will. To counter that, I feel I'm a good student with a 3.9 GPA, and well balanced with a ton of extracurricular activities. It's really stressing me out knowing that this fall I'm going to have to maintain my GPA, apply for colleges, play varsity football, and stay involved in extracurricular activities. Any advice/stories/etc. would be much appreciated!
  14. Wow. The Dolphins could not have gotten sloppier today. They really beat themselves up with 4 turnovers. The Dolphins' offensive line really concerns me. It's one of the highest paid lines in the NFL, and Chad Pennington had no time to throw all day. In particular, Jake Long got beat like a drum every snap by John Abraham. Pennington is starting to worry me. For the most part, he was very Chad-like accuracy wise. However, his lack of arm strength made Atlanta put 8-9 guys in the box every play, putting pressure on both the pass and run game. It bothers me that every other QB in the NFL airs the ball out 60 yards with a flick of the wrist. Teddy Ginn is oozing with potential, and quite frankly, I'm sick of him always being wide open down the field, and not getting the ball his way. I love Chad to death and think he's the most underrated player under center in the game, but he was exposed today--put pressure on him and stuff the box. The Falcons did what the Ravens did to Chad Pennington and the offensive line in last year's playoff game. Is it possible to list Pat White as a WR, therefore we can activate Chad Henne as our 2nd string QB, and deactivate someone like Lex Hilliard? The 4th quarter would have been a great time for Henne to get some work today. Anthony Fasano had Fumbleitis today and the Falcons capitalized from it. Ridiculous. Ricky Williams, Davone Bess, and offensive coordinator Dan Henning were the bright spots for the offense this afternoon. Defensively, I loved what I saw today. Michael Turner got stuffed every single play--big part to Jason Ferguson plugging up both A gaps and pushing their center backwards all game. Jason Taylor really got after it, and I'm thrilled he's back in aqua and orange. The Fins definitely improved in pass defense, which is refreshing since our pass d has sucked since the Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Brock Marion days. The Falcons potent offense really scared me going into the game, but I think Miami's defense really stepped up to the challenge. The Dolphins have the worst special teams in the NFL, by far. To make matters worse, the Jets dominated a good football team today. Mark Sanchez looked very good, and Rex Ryan has done wonders to that defense. Bad day to be a Dolphins fan, but I said the same thing this time last year and look what happened! Don't panic Fins fans; it's a long season. I'm excited and confident were next week's game: Monday night versus the Colts.
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