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  1. Threats are in no way allowed or tolerated on the board.
  2. This was completely uncalled for.
  3. ilb: No offense, but that pic under HOS is not HOS at all.
  4. I really pray a class act like Niewy would not resort going to the Rangers.
  5. The ending was pretty good, but the first five innings was a joke.
  6. Congrats to the AL! I was hoping for a tie and extra inning, but good job by AL. To do this against Wagner and Gagne is awesome. It was a good game at the end. Good ending. Good to see Garrett win the MVP. Well-deserved. Also props to Blalock for hitting the GW HR. The ASG was alright overall.
  7. The best part of the ASG is Amy Grant IMO.
  8. Scioscia did a crappy job. I mean he should have used Mark Mulder in that spot. He should use the starters and then go with Donnelly and then the closer. Too bad! This year's ASG is worse than last year.
  9. Mike Scioscia is a freakin' moron WTF was he thinking using freakin Hasagawa in the fifth inning. What was that? He used his relievers too early. I think the game is over now thanks to Eddie Guaradado as he got his butt kicked in the ASG. Way to make the Twins proud, Eddie.
  10. I want either Ventura or Costas.
  11. So far, the ASG has stunk. Oh Joe Buck is a moron. For him to view the ASG as Game 7 of the World Series and life and death is silly
  12. I hope there is some sort of dialogue between the NHLPA and the NHL this summer. I think both sides should take the intitative and start the process of negotiating. I don't want to hear about the problems of both sides. Get it done!
  13. Dr. Death

    Bud Selig

    Man I hate this guy. I have had it with him ever since he announced contraction two days after a great World Series two years ago. This guy has no clue how to run a sport. Outside of the advent of wild-card, did he really do a good job. It seems majority of the fans have gripes with this guy making decisions. Here are some of the reasons to why I hate Selig: -- Contracting the Twins and Expos. Why in the world would he want to contract them? He should find ways for them to make them successful. Contracting is never the answer. Also why make the announcement two days after a great World Series -- I am tired of his whining about how the sport is in trouble and how small-market teams can't succeed. Baloney! I think with a good management, anyone can succeed. Bud never praise the good things about baseball. All he does is just bash the sport rather than praise the small-market teams. -- It seems he makes decisions because the owners tell him to do so. I don't recall guys like Stern, Tagilabue, and Bettman making decisions because the owners tell them to do so. They do it with their own gut. -- I don't have a problem with the All-Star Game ending with a tie, but I have a problem with Selig overdoing the All-Stat Game by announcing that the winner of the All-Star Games gets homefield. Huh? You think guys like Lance Carter, C..C Sabathia, Dimitri Young, Armando Benitez, and others that have nothing to play for care about who wins the homefield? Now that was really dumb. -- Selig tends to bend over for the union. I know lot of small-market owners was not happy about the new CBA. They wanted a lockout till they got the cap so why did Selig bend over for the players. I was all for a lockout unless every team had a chance to win. I don't like this new CBA one bit. -- The Zito/Clemens mess was embrassing. Why in the world did Selig caved in to the A's demands? Zito did not have to pitch in the game, but he should be there in uniform. He is healthy enough to go IMO. -- I wonder if Selig truly thinks before he makes decisions. He has just been embrassing as a commisioner. I hope George W. Bush is the next commissioner of baseball. At least, he has a clue about the sport.
  14. I can care less about the All-Star Game. I agree that it's stupid to give homefield advantage in the All-Star Game because a representative from a bad team can really care less since he has nothing to play for come playoff time. I don't care who wins or lose at all. It's so obvious that players and managers don't take it seriously so why should fans take it seriously. I will watch for intros and to see if the game is tied and go to extra innings. I personally like to see the game tied and go extra innings. It will be interesting then to see if history repeat itself. In the 80s and early 90s, I was really into it. AL and NL players hated each other and they wanted to kick butt. The AL never wanted to lose to the NL. I remember a time when the AL was kicking the NL's butt every year and they did not like losing to them either. Ever since 1994 when the NL beat the AL at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, ASG never became the same as far as intensity goes. Tony LaRussa took the All-Star Games seriously. I mean he made the players work and sweat it out for workouts and he made sure that no player dogged it. If it was my way, I would make fans vote for managers to lead each league in the ASG. I would vote for Pinella to manage the AL and LaRussa to manage the NL every year because those two would not treat ASG as exhibition. Those guys would make sure the players work their butts off. I don't see things changing with the All-Star Game anytime soon. It's just events. I hate All-Star Games for any sport. It's a waste of time. I rather see a respite of no games instead of a All-Star Game for one week.
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