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  1. It's difficult keeping up with the gossip from 3,000 miles away. By the time, we find anything out it's old news for you Welcome to the board, SP. I recommend the Chat
  2. Couldn't see one. Bruins beat Flyers 4-3 OT. The Boston commentators are talking about a 'physical' Flyers side Edited: Judging from the highlights, the Bruins were not that far behind
  3. Daft question number 4. Last night, the Panthers were penalised for numbers on ice. I see it is given as a team penalty. What action is taken against the team? If it's a player penalty he gets benched, but for a team?...
  4. Don't look at me - I've been in the Cinema a dozen times in as many years and rarely watch re-runs on TV. Unless it's Monty Python related Half asleep at work here. Won't be watching too many mid-week games past the first period I don't think. More coffee
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