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  1. Devs in 7 and Nico gets the series clincher.
  2. Alright so Hall doesn’t play the last game and the team loses.... coincidence? (Disclaimer: This post does not include the Swiss cheese performance of Cory “Slow Hand” Schneider.)
  3. I bet Boston will destroy a deflated Panthers team tomorrow.
  4. Where’s that guy who was going to change his screen name?
  5. Wooooooow lots of big games today
  6. So I listened to the NJ Devils game feed in my car using Bluetooth to my phone on the NHL app. It was pleasant. These games are much too exciting to miss. Loved the radio call on Hall’s shortie last night.
  7. It would be cool to see some studies on how dynasties affect long-term fanship. Obviously it’s positive, but would be interesting to see a quantifiable amount.
  8. Stonefeet Greene accidentally caught him under his right eye with the blade of his stick. Looked like a pretty bad laceration and swelling at the time. Couldn’t open his eye.
  9. Is there a site that calculates our percentage to make the playoffs?
  10. Panthers and Flyers both have tough games tomorrow.
  11. Hopefully the panthers get a bit worn down since they have a few games in hand in a small amount of time
  12. Hopefully he ends up a more productive Cam than Cam ‘the Hammer’ Janssen.
  13. Burke = Schneider Terreri = Kinkaid Brodeur = ????
  14. So, if Schneider plays tough and then gives up a back-breaker, but Kinkaid gives up something weak but closes the door, maybe we should should start Cory at the beginning of games and switch to Kinkaid to close it out!
  15. It sucks to have to use data though.... would you say an audio stream uses a lot?
  16. They had draft coverage on today. I didn’t know what the overflow channels were.
  17. As my name implies, I live in Toms River, NJ. What stations might I be able to catch the games on the radio?
  18. So I take it he likes it blue rare?
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