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  1. Too bad for your "friend" Gabrielle, because Sarah gets my vote!
  2. Do you guys think it is better or Worse that Zach is deciding as soon as tonight or tomorrow?
  3. The Rangers should be afraid of Brodeur.....Devils want it more. End of Story!
  4. Anyone have a live feed? Hurry
  5. It's tough losing that game to Washington yesterday. The defense played incredible only allowing 12 shots all game, but 3 were goals. The Devils offense almost tripled their shots on goal and had some good opportunities but Neuvirth shut it down.
  6. I think Minnesota would be a perfect venue for an outdoor game. Especially at the new Target Field. Minnesota vs. Detroit/Chicago or get a nice East vs. West game Minnesota vs. New York you know the Rangers will some how be in the game next year.
  7. Verran12

    PL3 vs Boulerice

    I like seeing the head nod and "Good Job man" at the end of it. Would like to see PL3 back in Jersey more though.
  8. A nice 2 goal win could be a turn around for the season. McKenna in goal is terrible against the Caps. Will be shocked if we can actually hold the Caps to 3 goals
  9. Best fighter to ever come out of the QMJHL
  10. Well I was hoping to get to the Wednesday night game. We Will see haha
  11. Well were playing like sh!t but Andrew Peters has a fire under his ass right now.
  12. Great game! I was thinking why the hell is zajac just tossing it down ice.
  13. He was right below me in section 22. First couple of rows.
  14. Snowed a couple inches in North Jersey but I think no one wanted to spend money to see the worst team in NHL on a Wednesday night. Plus having the Flyers Saturday has a little effect.
  15. When time does everyone go on around? Never see anyone on
  16. Verran12


    Nah i want PL3 get rid of Peters
  17. Verran12


    Haha, McAmmond was out all this time for a sinus infection? yeah ok
  18. Always looking to talk down on the phillies
  19. I would join in . Tag- V3rran12 Team- Flames, led by the greatest coach ever
  20. Phillies over Dodgers in 6

  21. I am sorry but Pikkarinan sucks. Much rather see Halischuk instead and rather see LeBlond over the slug Peters.
  22. Yankees over Twins in 4 Red Sox over Angels in 4 Phillies ove Rockies in 4 Cardinals over Dodgers in 5 Red Sox over Yankees in 7 Phillies over Cardinals in 6 Red Sox over Phillies in 6 Red Sox Yankees should be good
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