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  1. Hey everyone! Thanx for the welcome, especially after reading half of these posts about me. If you can, please hint to everyone that I don't mean to make trouble because I really am not a mean person, but I just like to be right most of the time, even though it is a bad habit to have.
  2. Hey everyone, look I just want to say that I am sorry for bringing up trouble and I don't mean it as the Devils Suck or anything, because they do bring good competition to the Leafs but all of you should know that you would back up your team if someone was rattling your chain and that is all I meant it as. So to end this off, sorry again and I really do mean it. Thanx
  3. Hey, you don't know anything about me so don't start shooting your mouth off! Thanx, NJDF for aggreeing with me, but everyone knows that the Leafs have a good chance at beating the Devils, but it is the same the other way around! Anways, seeya!
  4. Thanx for sticking up for me Jess, but I can handle my own fights, especially when they are from some stupid jerk that doesn't know anything.
  5. We were never in holes and we are doing great this year. We are going to make it to the Stanley Cup finals and win so all of you devil fans can go cry to your mammas and shut up!
  6. Hey!!!!! I think that the Leafs are doing great, sure there defense sucks at times, but atleast they don't suck entirely, unlike some team I know here! Also, they are leading the series between NJ and them so what does that say? Well now that everyone probably hates me, I will say goodbye and hahahahaha!
  7. Hey! Thanx alot Jess, . You are great, but I am NOT a dork! I love the Leafs though and they are doing sooooooo good this year, even with Belfour!!!! Yeah, and I know that I am not allowed to diss the Devils, but what can you say about them? The Leafs are winning the series and what could be better than that? Trust me, I don't want to start trouble but I have a problem saying what I feel at times. To everyone, don't take this seriously, I don't mean to make it as a rude comment. Anyways, have a great day!
  8. toronto_fan_09


    "Isn't it great to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"
  9. toronto_fan_09


    Hey Jess, u too are a dork, but i love ya for it! you are my favourite dork of all!!!!!!!!!! So what is everyone up to?
  10. toronto_fan_09


    Hey Everyone! I don't really like the Devils because I am a huge LEAF FAN, but my friend told me about this site, and therefore, I wanted to check it out, so HEY!
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