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  1. Yeah that's not too bad...it's just been really fun upstairs and I hope it doesn't get ruined by a few suits.
  2. That sucks...I'm in 225, but I don't want to deal with corporate people.
  3. Woohoo! The more the merrier - I'm hoping the alumni that was asked can make it. Last I heard he was battling a cold.
  4. cj241

    Team Awards

    It's reasons like this, that I love being a STH. Brought this little guy's jersey with me yesterday and his parents gave it to him today (his dad posts on here).
  5. cj241

    Team Awards

    Supposedly there was an error - TG & Rich Chere reported it. Unsung Hero was actually Salvador and Moose, not Henrique.
  6. cj241

    Team Awards

    LOL that's what EVERYONE has said and I would agree. Pop music is NOT hockey. Give me some rock any day.
  7. Just a reminder - 2 viewing parties tonight!
  8. cj241

    Team Awards

    Here's the video from the awards yesterday. *Hopefully it's there, I can't see videos at work.
  9. cj241

    Team Awards

    He's been skating, but from what someone mentioned last week, he's on a certain blood thinner where he's not allowed to play for 3 months. Don't expect him back until at least the 2nd round of the playoffs, if/when we make it that far.
  10. Where did I say I was "okay" with missing it? Since you continue to insult me, we're done here.
  11. Hold up... #1, I never got the first email OR the second email and only found out about it because I'm part of a forum. #2, I couldn't attend the event because I had work today, so don't think I wasn't annoyed by the scheduling. I understand where people are coming from. They could have canceled the event all together, but they didn't. Again, speak to Eric as he's more than willing to explain things. #3, Just because I'm a general doesn't mean anything. I more than speak my mind most of the time, but they didn't have to offer any of us that option just because of late scheduling notice. I'm a full season ticket holder who COULD NOT use this event...my hat is off, you can read what I wrote on HF about how pissed I was. Don't use the "Generals" thing and throw it in my face.
  12. As for the awards next week, that's an event that has always been held during the day at the end of the season. I'm sure there's been posts on this forum about it, so you could at least gauge when it would be.
  13. I've done my share of research on what other teams give and we get more than most teams. And it's not about prices. If you consistently sell out (Canadian teams, Rangers, etc), they don't need to offer anything because they'll have the support. It's the teams that need to get people to buy tickets that offer more "perks". As for the scheduling of the events, my father spoke to Eric, who is the VP of the Experience Team and don't be so quick to blame them. He's very open and willing to talk to people, as some of you who frequent HF know...reach out to him. Also, they didn't have to offer you anything for the late notice. Regardless of whether or not you like Michael Jackson, they were trying to offer you something else to make up for the miscommunication.
  14. I hope that one gets more votes. I think that's one of the better ones out there.
  15. So, the last official viewing party the Devils have set-up is #TeamNorth vs. #TeamSouth. We're having dual parties on April 5th against the Red Wings. #TeamNorth will be at Blackthorn Pub in Parsippany - details can be found on FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blackthorn-Restaurant-Irish-Pub/154706907877580?ref=ts&sk=wall#!/events/367451746619150/ #TeamSouth will be at Bar A in Lake Como (21 and over) - details can be found on FB: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/231126033649348/ Pass the word along and hopefully we'll see you guys there!
  16. Sorry I haven't responded until now - I've been home with the flu all week. Thank you to everyone that came out and made this trip a great success! I look forward to planning the next one and I'm open to suggestions. I've heard both Philly and Washington - I'd prefer Washington (not a fan of Philly at all)...but again, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks again to all that came out!
  17. I can't take full credit, but thanks!
  18. This post game interview begs to differ...Watch the end of that video for the Devils point record.
  19. Sounds good! We're taking a Lakeland Bus and we'll be pregaming on the bus and in the parking lot. There's going to be a ton of people there.
  20. I realize they made it "official" today, but we were told back when we had to buy tickets at a discount that this was Retro day (and I say day since it's an afternoon game).
  21. cj241

    New STHers

    You're allowed to think that, but for someone like me who is a short white girl with a short white dad, we don't do basketball. Getting that would be terrible for us. We renewed relatively early and we've always gotten one of our top 3 choices, so I'm not too worried.
  22. cj241

    New STHers

    If you pay for next seasons tickets, you'll have priority to select another section. Then they'll either reimburse you if you move to a cheaper section or just send you a balance of what is owed if you go to a higher price. IMO that's the better option.
  23. The bus is leaving at 3pm, so I'm hoping we'll be there between 4-5 (depending on the traffic). Still trying to figure out tailgate details.
  24. cj241

    HF Boards

    If you're going to call people retards on the Rangers forum with a Devils avatar, expect it. They are very strict over there, but you have to be respectful. If you noticed, not one of my posts was flagged nor was I given an infraction. If you want to say that stuff on the Devils forum, it would probably be fine. The mods for the Rangers are little more strict, especially during Devils/Rangers games. And the main board is a joke. It's best to just stay away from there in general.
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