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  1. Seems like alot of Pens fans are very upset about this deal. This seems like it could go ether way for them. Good for them bad for us: Hossa fits right in, Resumes is normal dominant self. Hossa signes a long tearm extention. Crosby - Malkin - Hossa... nasty for years to come. Bad for them Good for us: The chemestry is damaged within the team. They can't win games in the shootout as easially without Chistenson. Hossa leaves on July 1. 3 Solid players and a draft pick gone. Lets hope for the latter.
  2. I agree with you except on one thing. I think with the Pens acquisition of Hossa, it is going to be very hard to keep them behind us within the division. Hopefully we do not have to play them at any point in the playoffs. I also want nothing to do with the Rangers at this point in the playoffs. We are clearly a better team then them, but Lundqvist seems to have our number. I do think our team is good enough to go far in the playoffs but i do think that we are missing a few pieces (Gomez and Rafalski) Lets just hope that we can pull off something big this summer.
  3. Wow i accidently did that right. What section should rumors be posted in?
  4. Devils'N4


    http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/rumors/post/Devils-interested-in-Hossa-Forsberg-Richards-?urn=nhl%2C67145 The rumors increased on the possibilities of the New Jersey Devils obtaining either Robert Lang or Martin Havlat from the Chicago Blackhawks according to the New York Post. Neither player would be considered a rental. In addition to names such as Brad Richards, one loud rumble had the Devils interested in Marian Hossa, who looked fine in beating them Friday. The Devils are strong at right wing, but stranger things have happened. Additionally, speculation began that the Devils may be a bidder in the Peter Forsberg sweepstakes While i would more then welcome the idea of the Devils getting Hossa or Richards. How much are we gonna pay to get one of these guys? Hossa is definately a rental, and i don't think that we can even afford to resign the guy even if we wanted to. I guess that depends on how high the cap goes in the off season. Does anyone know how much longer Richards and Havlat are signed for? And ether way Richards would be nice, but Havlat is awesome but only when he is healthy... I would love to see him play with Elias. At what cost is this to us? Are we going to give up Oduya? Gionta? Greene? Zajac? or are we going to further deplete our weak farm system? Or hurt it further by trading away two first round picks. I would love to get some of these guys... but not Hossa or Lang (rentals) and I'm very unsure how it will work out with the other guys. What do you guys think?
  5. recent news says that he is about to sign an extension
  6. Im new here too... this is actually my first post. Im a Big Devils fan from Long Island new york... (not many people to talk devils with around here)
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