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  1. +1 that would be my idea as well, hell I'm OK with it just being a tie after the 3 vs 3
  2. because he was touched as a child by Michael Jackson (by his music)
  3. two wrongs don't make a right, but two wrights make a plane
  4. wow what an end to a period and didn't someone predict a 7-6 game? lol
  5. Woo waiting for the train right now to go to the game LGD
  6. sure they has been asked 9000 times so far... but for Cablevision customers is there no HD feed of the game?
  7. The announcers said because their was a runner on 3rd base, and his slider sometimes hits the dirt, they can't take that chance that the runner on 3rd will score because of that.
  8. I'm disgusted I don't even know what to say
  9. Do people love thinking about how their team is going to fail? Even if we were down 3-0 in the series I would keep my morale high its not over until its over
  10. Halfwar

    I need some help

    sounds awesome especially if you can drink, wish I was in NJ would try to convince some of my friends to do that just sit outside and drink while waiting for game 7 to start............ Do they look down on drinking beer there? or do you just have to brown bag it?
  11. Halfwar

    I need some help

    +1 I have a college class that meets once a week, so missing a class is huge, and well Game 7 > class... doesn't help my college teacher thinks hockey is boring.....
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